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Album Review: Borderline
Patrick Trentini
Cover image of the album Borderline by Patrick Trentini
Patrick Trentini
2005 / SAEI
23 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Borderline is an exceptionally good EP of Italian pianist/composer Patrick Trentini’s original solo piano work. Borderline consists of six pieces and is available only as a digital download. Also a conductor, Trentini’s background in classical music is readily apparent, but this music is very much in the present. Complex and passionate, yet very accessible, Trentini’s music provides a rich and satisfying musical experience.

“Sweet Refusal,” the opening track, combines classical and jazz elements, creating a bittersweet and compelling piece that suggests a mixture of emotions. “Sunday” has a variety of themes that play off of and come back to a buoyant central theme. The expressive middle section feels like lazy relaxation and contentment, and then returns to the joyful main theme to the conclusion - very effective! “I’m Trying” is a little darker and more introspective, and while there is a sense of effort and of moving forward, the obstacle to be overcome isn’t insurmountable. I interpret the abrupt ending to be a sudden breakthrough. “I Was So Little” is my favorite of the six pieces. There is more than a hint of Erik Satie in the slow, minimal style with lots of open spaces between the notes. Nostalgic and reflective, this piece has an emotional punch - love it! “Puzzle” is a fascinating piece in that it has several seemingly unrelated themes and melody lines that fit together seamlessly. Pieces like this one often fail to make musical sense, but this one works beautifully. “Monkey and Cat” is another beauty. A bit slower, very melodic, and quite passionate, it would be interesting to know where the title comes from!

I am very excited about being introduced to Patrick Trentini and his music! All six of these pieces can be heard and downloaded at iTunes, so give your ears a treat! Very highly recommended!
April 21, 2006