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Album Review: Deeper Imaginings
Paul Adams and Elizabeth Geyer
Cover image of the album Deeper Imaginings by Paul Adams and Elizabeth Geyer
Deeper Imaginings
Paul Adams and Elizabeth Geyer
2019 / Lakefront
58 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Deeper Imaginings is the follow-up to Paul Adams’ and Elizabeth Geyer’s award-winning 2015 album, Imaginings. The earlier album debuted at #1 on the iTunes new age charts and was named the Zone Music Reporter’s Contemporary Instrumental Album of the Year (2015). A true “world music” album, Deeper Imaginings features artists and instruments from around the world. Paul Adams (guitar, electric sitar, oud, percussion, flutes, halusi, synth and poetry) is American and Geyer (flugelhorn, piano, vocals) is from Australia. The other artists on the album include Pravin Godkhindi (bansuri flute) in India; Alp Amaze (balaban) is from Turkey; Gary Green from the band Gentle Giant (guitar) is from the UK; and David Hoffman (trumpet) is an American based in Illinois. The eleven pieces on the album are all very soothing, peaceful and meditative. Two have poetic spoken words that are just a little bit louder than the accompanying music, making it easy to tune in and listen to the words or to tune them out you choose. The variety of musical instruments combine to create a sound that is eclectic while providing a reminder that music is, indeed, a language that can be universally understood.

I really like Paul Adams’ explanation of the way they approached the music: “What we love most is to create like a painter with free choice of color and hue. I was thrilled to be able to use some of the instruments I built in my life as a luthier. The guitars, dulcimer and electric sitars were blended with the natural genius of Elizabeth Geyer’s piano, flugelhorn and voice. Her ear is stunning in musical intuition and her training in jazz blended well with my rather improvised gentle folk approach, as well as training in ethnomusicology.”

Deeper Imaginings begins with “Endless Horizon,” a piece that includes Native flute, piano, voice (wordless), sitar, percussion and guitar. It sounds like an odd combination, but it works beautifully. “The Unfolding” has similar instrumentation but starts out much more ambient and atmospheric. As the piece opens up and evolves, a melody emerges while the piece remains very peaceful. “Acceptance” includes the sound of softly flowing water along with gentle ambient music - hypnotic! “All That I Am” begins with an interesting mix of instruments, rhythms (more of a jazz vibe), and spoken word (included in the liner notes of the CD). This is my favorite track on the album! “Evening” follows, enveloping the listener with cool, calming sounds to get lost in - gorgeous and SO relaxing! The last track, “Hope For the Game,” also includes spoken words and a jazzy instrumental backdrop. I really like this one, too, and its closing message: “We have hope for this game!”!

If the music on Deeper Imaginings doesn’t drain the stress right out of you, something might be amiss! Well done, Paul, Elizabeth and friends! The album is available from Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby as well as several streaming sites.
December 10, 2019
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