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Album Review: Saving Tiny Hearts
Paul Cardall
Cover image of the album Saving Tiny Hearts by Paul Cardall
Saving Tiny Hearts
Paul Cardall
2014 / Stone Angel Music
49 minutes
Review by Michael Debbage
Pianist Paul Cardall has been recording music for close to 20 years when he released his impressive debut Sign Of Affection back in 1996. While Saving Tiny Hearts is a somewhat retrospective album this compilation focuses on only five of his fourteen prior recordings. The main focus here is Paul’s desire to bring attention to the acutely personal endeavor of raising awareness and funds to the Saving Tiny Heart’s Society for research of congenital heart defects (CHD). In addition, for those of you less familiar with the heartfelt compositions of Paul Cardall this is also a wonderful partial introduction.

The original compositions found here focus largely on two of his earlier albums and two of his recent albums. His earlier material is largely pulled from Miracles and Faithful who are so polarized in their substance with Miracles being one of his most commercial efforts full of melody and understated drama versus the more experimental and progressive Faithful. As for the re-visitation of his more recent material, Paul draws largely from Living For Eden and his most recent release New Life which represent the bookend recordings around his own complex heart surgery in late 2009. How Cardall made the song choices is unknown but whether this was intentional or not musically these are some of his most heartfelt compositions.

For those of you that are long time fans of Paul Cardall, short of him rearranging “Gracie's Theme” there is no new material available on Saving Tiny Hearts. But if you are looking to support a great cause or simply looking to introduce a friend to the wonderful musical world of Paul Cardall then Saving Tiny Hearts will still quicken your pulse.
December 30, 2014
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