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Album Review: Sanctuary of Light
Peter Sterling
Cover image of the album Sanctuary of Light by Peter Sterling
Sanctuary of Light
Peter Sterling
2020 / Harp Magic
46 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Peter Sterling’s Sanctuary of Light is an album more than a year in the making. It is unique from Sterling’s many other recordings in that he plays all of the instruments himself; no other musicians play on the album. “So this really is a singular vision of what music is in my heart and soul.” Sterling continues: “The vision of sanctuary was received in a dream to create music that would be very angelic and ethereal from start to finish. No rhythm or drums here. Just free flowing harp melodies accompanied by strings, flutes and assorted ethereal textures that take the listener thru different levels or spaces of soul illumination. It really is a journey which ends along the Shores of Eternity where the soul can bask in the divine light of spirit.” Healing, uplifting and relaxing harp music is something that the world needs right now as people everywhere are trying to recover from the effects of COVID-19. Peter Sterling has won many awards for his music, including several “Album of the Year” nominations, and if you are new to his music, Sanctuary of Light will immediately show you why. Some of the eight original tracks are melodic, but most of the album is on the more-ambient side.

Sanctuary of Light begins with “The Light Within,” a piece that exudes a warm glow as it surrounds the listener with peaceful musical magic (Harp Magic!!). At 7 1/4 minutes, the piece has time to draw you in as it soothes and mesmerizes. “Divine Reflection” is a favorite. Freer and more introspective, the flowing harp is enhanced with the sounds of piano, strings and bass. “Light In Your Eyes” is a little bit of heaven with its slow, easy melody, as well as the sound of birds, flutes and strings behind the harp. At 9 1/2 minutes, “This Path I Walk” is the longest track on the album. A lovely massage for the mind, the piece is very open and spare. “Forevermore” brings me visions of beams of light dancing slowly on a body of water - bliss! If you are having trouble falling asleep, try listening to “Pool of Love,” a very minimalist piece with sparse accompaniment behind the soothing and caressing sounds of the harp - another favorite! If you were to look up “ambient music” in the dictionary or online, “Seventh Heaven” could be the definition. Peaceful, floating and free-form, it suggests (to me) floating effortlessly through a dark sky as stars twinkle all around - there is no danger or care anywhere in this piece! “Shores of Eternity” brings us to the conclusion of our journey through various levels and spaces of soul illumination. To once again quote Peter Sterling, “And synchronistically the last track time is 4:44 which in numerology means the angels are with you! Something we need more than ever now!!” Amen!

Sanctuary of Light is available from Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.
May 20, 2020
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