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Album Review: The Winding Way
Peter Sterling
Cover image of the album The Winding Way by Peter Sterling
The Winding Way
Peter Sterling
2021 / Harp Magic Music
50 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
The Winding Way is the beautiful result of a one-year project by award-winning harpist/composer Peter Sterling, created during the time of global pandemic and lockdown. Quoting Peter: "Tucked away from the world in my home studio, these songs came forth from my heart and soul during this difficult time for all of us. As in music so in life says the back cover. I have found as many others have that our life is not a trek from point A to point B, but rather a meandering journey down the Winding Way with many unexpected twists and turns along the path to the destination of our hopes and dreams. My wish is that this music will uplift and bring joy to your heart and soul as you journey forth." Healing warmth and light flow from the music, bringing a soothing and uplifting message of hope to all who hear it. The eleven original tracks on the album include Peter on harp, keyboards, vocals, percussion and free-note chimes. Guest artists include G-Dov Gertzweig on violin, Richard Hardy on silver and bamboo flutes, and Hans Christian on cello.

The album begins with "Beauty Abounds," a blissful ode to the wonders all around us. Warm and relaxed, the harp and angelic voices begin our journey on The Winding Way. "Clouds and Sky" had to have been inspired by fluffy white clouds moving gracefully across a bright blue sky. This incredibly peaceful music feels much like floating on a dreamy cloud, letting the sun softly embrace your soul. "Deep Dive" is a bit more rhythmic with shimmering harp over smooth flute, vocals and ambient keyboard. "Along the Way" is a favorite. An ensemble piece that includes harp, cello and flute the feeling is relaxed and easy, but steadily moving forward. "Rose Petal Tea," a silky-smooth duet for harp and violin, could calm and soothe the most troubled of souls with its heartfelt musical magic - gorgeous! "Every Which Way" is a lighter-than-air duet for harp and flute that makes me think of a spring breeze welcoming the newly-opening plants and flowers. In the beautiful "Hope For Tomorrow," harp, ethereal voices, sparkling chimes, nature sounds, keyboards and light percussion come together to wrap the listener in warmth and the promise of better times ahead. "A Love That Lasts" is a duet for harp and flute enhanced with light percussion and keyboard sounds - an elegant close to a soothing and uplifting album sure to calm the stress and uncertainty of the times we're living in.

The Winding Way is available from www.HarpMagic.com, Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes and Spotify. Beautifully done!
October 3, 2021
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