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Album Review: Inner Sound
Rachel Currea
Cover image of the album Inner Sound by Rachel Currea
Inner Sound
Rachel Currea
2007 / Innersounds Records, Inc.
54 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
2007 has proven itself to be a year of incredibly good solo piano albums, and Rachel Thomas Currea’s debut is one of the best. Vibrant and full of life, yet peaceful and soothing, Currea’s music is accessible and easy to grasp, yet complex, revealing new things each time you listen. Currea started composing music consistently at the age of nineteen, pretty much in self-defense. She would wake up every night around midnight with music running through her head, and she couldn’t get back to sleep unless she recorded the music or wrote it down. After a year of this kind of inspiration, she was in a serious car accident that resulted in head trauma that left her unable to compose. Even playing the piano was painful and challenging because of her arm and wrist injuries. Despite her injuries, Currea continued to perform and teach piano. Ten years after the accident, she learned the art of meditation. Within a month, the creative juices started flowing, and she was able to compose again. Inner Sound is a tribute to this personal and creative breakthrough. The Florida native has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Piano from the University of Miami, and has performed in classical recitals in the US, Middle East, and Europe as a soloist and a chamber musician.

“Soul Dance,” a lively and spirited piece of musical magic, begins the journey. A darker, more subdued middle section gives way to the joyful, playful dance - a celebration of the ups and downs of life. “Epic Romance” could only be a love song, passionate and tender, with lots of tonal color and expression. “Time Marches On” is a favorite. A sense of urgency permeates the piece with swirling notes and a poignant melody. The first half of “Quiet Joy” was written before the car accident. As the title indicates, this piece is warmly introspective and contented, like a simple daydream in the springtime sunshine. I also really like “Desert Night,” with its varied themes and changing rhythms. “Inner Peace” is gorgeous. Sometimes very quiet and restful and sometimes brimming with emotion, it is truly an inner self-portrait. “Announcement of War” was composed the night President Bush announced that the US would go to war with Iraq. Deeply thoughtful and sometimes hymn-like, this piece also overflows with emotion. “Dragonflies” returns to a more playful mood, yet has a sense of purpose. “Soaring” feels like drifting along on a cloud, free of cares and pain. “As the Night Moves” opens with shades of Erik Satie on the left hand and a delicate melody on the right. A bit more abstract than some of the other pieces, it is graceful, elegant, and very soulful.

Rachel Currea has released an extraordinary debut - a celebration of life and of the creative process. Sure to be a favorite for many years to come! Inner Sound will be available on 9/22/07 from rachelcurrea.com, and on cdbaby.com later in October. Very highly recommended!
September 14, 2007
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