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Album Review: Momente Intimate
Richard Carr
Cover image of the album Momente Intimate by Richard Carr
Momente Intimate
Richard Carr
2003 / Rec'D Music
74 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Momente Intimate is pianist Richard Carr’s eighth release in less than seven years. As with his previous recordings, Carr improvised the music in the studio over a two-year period, capturing the musical ideas as they were born, and leaving them intact with few, if any, edits (Carr told me that there were two minor edits to the entire 75 minutes of music, and that those edits were worked into the original improvisations to keep the integrity of the original ideas and recordings intact.). The ten tracks range in length from 3 1/2 to 12 1/2 minutes, with some of them being very passionate and others more reflective; most are a bit on the dark side, some are very dark. A passionate pianist with excellent playing chops, Carr reaches into the depths of his soul and psyche, and says in the liner notes that “at times the intensity of some of the recording sessions was almost too much.” While I deeply respect and admire Carr’s approach to composing, to my own ears, a few of the pieces jump the tracks in places while others hold together very well.

The CD opens with “Longing For Home,” a soulful and bittersweet piece that includes an audible sigh from Carr that reminds the listener of the humanity of the person pouring his heart out at the piano. I really like this piece a lot, and find it amazing that it happened in one sitting. “For All Eternity” tells of Carr’s grandmother’s love for her husband, and, indirectly, his own love for his grandmother. Flowing and peaceful, this is one of the lighter and more optimistic pieces - also quite beautiful. “Awe and Reverence” is probably my favorite track. Rhythmic and flowing, the pace reminds me of one of those moments when you are awed by something to the point that you miss a breath and your heartbeat quickens. Carr very effectively uses the deep bass of the piano to communicate this. “Rocking Baby to Sleep” is a tender lullaby that is both gentle and loving. “Passion’s Night” is darkly beautiful, with lots of open areas between the notes. Carr again very effectively uses the deep bass, perhaps giving each of the lovers of the piece an individual voice. There are a few passages in this piece that seem a bit “off,” but, overall, it is strong and beautiful. The title track closes the album with a feeling of peace and serenity. Almost conversational, it is truly an intimate moment.

Momente Intimate is currently available from www.richardcarr.com and will be available from amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com.
February 1, 2014