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Album Review: Irish Mist
Richard Dillon
Cover image of the album Irish Mist by Richard Dillon
Irish Mist
Richard Dillon
2017 / Richard Dillon
55 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Irish Mist is pianist/composer Richard Dillon’s tenth solo piano album and is dedicated to the memory of his mother “who blessed everyone around her for 98 years.” All fifteen pieces on the album are gentle, warm, and melodic, and several have a sweetly nostalgic feeling. It’s a wonderful album for winding down, relaxing, or to have in the background while reading, working or any other quiet activities. Susan Burke appears on violin on one track. The album was recorded at Piano Haven Studio on a Shigeru Kawai grand piano and was mastered by Joe Bongiorno. The piano sound is rich and gorgeous!

Based in Seattle, Richard Dillon started playing the piano as a very young child and earned three of his five college degrees in music. He started composing music about four years ago and is a part of both Whisperings Solo Piano Radio and Enlightened Piano Radio.

Irish Mist begins with the title track, a very delicate and expressive musical gem that sets the quiet mood of the album and then trails off “into the mist.” “Mathair Eireann (Mother Ireland)” evokes images of rolling green hills, rocky shores, and days gone by - something of a folk song-without-words. “Smiles” lightly dances on the piano keys with a gentle warmth and grace. “My Bed Is a Boat” has a beautiful bittersweet melody and a softly moving rhythm. A few passages are a bit more turbulent, as I’m sure some nights sleeping on a boat would be! “Shadows On the Wall” has a haunting, mysterious feeling that is also very melancholy - a favorite. The lighthearted “Freckles” is a playful charmer. “Dying of the Light” has a very peaceful, dusky feeling that can envelop you like a warm blanket - another favorite. “Into the Mines” is very different and includes the sounds of antiquated mining equipment that dates back to the days when mining was done by hand. This fascinating piece also includes Susan Burke on violin and has a very strong Celtic spirit. The simplicity and sincerity of “Wild Mountain Thyme” tell a story that creates visions of a peaceful landscape without the use of words - beautiful! Tender and poignant, “The Long Goodbye” shares a deeply personal experience in a way that only music can. “Deirdre’s Dance” brings this beautiful and loving tribute album to a quiet close.

I fully expect that Irish Mist will be nominated for a number of awards for 2017 - and very deservedly so! It’s a beauty from the first note to the last! The album is available from www.RichardDillonPiano.com, Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby. Highly recommended!
August 21, 2017
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