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Album Review: Blue Skies Ahead
Robby Davis
Cover image of the album Blue Skies Ahead by Robby Davis
Blue Skies Ahead
Robby Davis
2015 / Robby Davis
40 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Blue Skies Ahead is pianist/composer Robby Davis’ second album of original piano solos, and what a day-brightener it is! The eleven tracks were written over the course of a decade and represent a journey of hope. Most of the tracks are peaceful and eloquent while others are more spirited and joyful. Born and raised in South Carolina, Davis began playing the piano when he was three years old, started composing at twelve, and studied music and business at Furman University in Greenville, SC. Davis now travels and performs as a solo pianist as well as with contemporary Christian artist David Walker, playing concerts and events across the US. Blue Skies Ahead was recorded on a Shigeru Kawai grand at Piano Haven Studio and was mixed and mastered by Joe Bongiorno. The piano sound is clear and warm with no harsh edges.

Blue Skies Ahead begins with “Chasing Stars,” a lively piece where the upper treble of the piano seems to represent the sparkling stars and the deep bass represents the black night sky. Between those passages, the main theme is lighthearted and playful - a great way to start! “Buena Vista” is more graceful and flowing, expressing the peaceful contentment of a beautiful view. The optimistic title track is bright but not giddy. Sometimes more reflective and grounding, the combination of moods makes this piece one of the highlights of the album. “Setting Sail” expresses the excitement and anticipation of a new adventure. The evolving themes in this piece could also illustrate the feelings of smooth sailing and a bit of turbulence - nothing too dangerous, though. “Hand in Hand” beautifully conveys the lightheaded swirling feelings of new love, not really knowing where you are going but delighted to be on the path with a kindred spirit - a favorite. “Song For Oli” is something of a sad and poignant reality check. Heartfelt and full of love, it’s another favorite. “Regatta” again takes us soaring, surrounded by the bright colors of sailing boats, the thrilling race is on! (Something tells me that Robby Davis enjoys sailing!) “Seaside Carousel” is also exhilarating and in constant motion - carefree and buoyant! “Breakers” is my favorite piece on the album. Very dark, dramatic, and swiftly moving, I love the accents in the deep bass of the piano as the motion of the music swirls and dances. As the title suggests, “The Meanderer” is relaxed and easy-going, bringing this album to a very satisfying close.

Blue Skies Ahead is sure to delight and should bring Robby Davis more well-deserved recognition. It is available from robbydavis.me, Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Recommended!
September 21, 2015
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