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Album Review: Magnolia
Robin Meloy Goldsby
Cover image of the album Magnolia by Robin Meloy Goldsby
Robin Meloy Goldsby
2013 / Bass Lion Music
45 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Magnolia is a stunning solo piano collection by one of my very favorite artists, Robin Meloy Goldsby. The twelve tracks are a combination of seven original compositions and five covers. The original pieces include collaborations with Goldsby’s son and husband and three penned on her own. Also a prolific writer, Goldsby has a compelling way of expressing herself with and without words, but I think she lets us closest to her heart through her music. Her graceful, effortless touch brings images and colors to mind that only someone with a lifetime of experience can evoke. The sound of the Steinway on this recording is warm and flawless. Even the cover artwork of a single pink magnolia blossom is gorgeous.

Magnolia begins with “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri, a beautiful love song played with great tenderness and longing. “Polskie Drogi” is an elegant and bittersweet piece written by Polish composer Andrzej Kurylewicz - love it! My favorite track on the album is “Mirage,” a piece co-composed with Robin’s son, Curtis. A combination of flowing broken chords and a passionate melody make this one a real stand-out both musically and emotionally. What a talented and gifted family! “Magnolia” is a lovely RMG original - graceful and evocative. “Lerbach Sunday Morning” refers to the castle where Goldsby plays regularly, and her musical tribute is light-hearted and free-spirited. “She Walks With Me” is incredibly touching and poignant - obviously composed in honor of someone very special - another favorite. “Blackbird” is a true Beatles classic, and Goldsby’s solo piano arrangement is personal yet true to the original. “Passage” was co-written with Peter Fessler and has the kind of strong melody that suggests that the song probably has lyrics yet is perfect as an instrumental. Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love” has been a hit for several artists, but Goldsby makes it her own. “Seventh Sun” was co-written with Robin’s husband, John, who also produced the album. Light and swirling, it’s an upbeat gem that incorporates jazz touches and hints of a stage musical. Goldsby closes the album with the sweet and affecting Louis Armstrong classic “What a Wonderful World,” again making it her own and ending with a gentle sigh.

Robin Meloy Goldsby again proves why she is such a beloved and respected pianist with Magnolia. It is available from Amazon and iTunes. Very highly recommended!
February 9, 2014
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