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Album Review: Translucent
Roth Herrlinger
Cover image of the album Translucent by Roth Herrlinger
Roth Herrlinger
2009 / Roth Herrlinger
38 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Translucent is Roth Herrlinger’s debut instrumental CD, and what a lovely collection of nine original piano solos it is! With roots in classical music traditions, these pieces have both feet firmly in the 21st century and explore themes of nature, dreams, and spirit. Honest and sincere, the music ranges from lively and upbeat to more quietly introspective and peaceful. Recorded on a 1957 Hamburg Steinway A, the piano sound is impeccable - clear, warm, and rich.

Translucent begins with the graceful and sometimes exuberant “The Gift of Flight.” The easy flow and feelings of freedom suggest improvisation and the excitement of a new piece being born (as well as the thrill of flying!). “An Unexpected Rain” changes the mood to a gentle melancholy. The percussive quality of the piano makes it the perfect instrument for depicting rain, and this one is a beauty! “You Are Whole, Child” seamlessly weaves a series of themes together into a tapestry of sound. Some of these themes are lively and upbeat while others are slower and more pensive, telling a story without words. “Daybreak” is something of a concept piece, beginning with the very peaceful quiet of pre-dawn and gradually becoming bolder and more rhythmic as the world awakens and gets the day started. The strong melody of “In Your Dreams” suggests that there might be lyrics for this song. Warm and tender, the tone is optimistic and encouraging. “Sunflower” has the slow, easy movement of one of these gigantic flowers in full bloom, nodding its head in the breeze. Simple and uncomplicated, it’s one of my favorites. The slow soothing flow of “The Folded Flag” is hymn-like and reflective. My favorite track, “Your Victory,” closes the album. Poignant and very touching, intermittent major chords inject rays of hope into the sadness.

Translucent is a great start, and I hope it is the first of many albums from Roth Herrlinger. It is available from RothHerrlinger.com, Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Recommended!
February 12, 2012
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