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Album Review: The Lost Summer (single)
Ryan Judd and myndstream Summer Song Flight
Cover image of the album The Lost Summer (single) by Ryan Judd and myndstream Summer Song Flight
The Lost Summer (single)
Ryan Judd and myndstream Summer Song Flight
2021 / myndstream
4 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
"The Lost Summer" is guitarist Ryan Judd's piece for the myndstream Summer Song Flight collection, a six-song showcase for some of the artists on the myndstream label. The other five featured artists are Carl Borden, Chris Haugen, Eamonn Karran, Michael Whalen and Michelle Qureshi.

In addition to being an accomplished finger-style guitarist and an award-winning recording artist, Ryan Judd is an internationally-known music therapist committed to making music that inspires well-being. His 2018 album, An Open Sky, was awarded "Best Instrumental Acoustic Album of 2018" by Zone Music Reporter.

"The Lost Summer" is beautiful acoustic guitar solo that doesn't have a lot of frills and embellishments, but comes straight from the heart. Ryan Judd explains: "As a child, my summers were always a sacred time of joy, freedom and discovery. Seeing this stripped from my two young boys during the Summer of 2020 pained my heart. This tune expresses that deep loss..." It has always seemed ironic to me that life's most difficult times often inspire the greatest art, and "The Lost Summer" proves that point once again.

"The Lost Summer" available to download or stream on its own or as part of the myndstream Summer Song Flight from myndstream, Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes, Spotify and other sites. Very highly recommended!
August 27, 2021
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