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Album Review: Just Like The Wind (single)
Samer Fanek
Cover image of the album Just Like The Wind (single) by Samer Fanek
Just Like The Wind (single)
Samer Fanek
2019 / Samer Fanek
4 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
“Just Like The Wind” is the first solo piano single from award-winning Polish-Jordanian pianist/keyboardist/ composer/ producer Samer Fanek. I love both of Fanek’s full-length albums (Guide Me 2018 and Wishful Thinking 2016), which are a combination of piano-driven instrumentals and solo piano. He performed a fantastic all-solo piano concert in my house-concert series in 2017 and had a mesmerizing effect on the audience, so I’m very happy that he has chosen solo piano for this piece. In some of Fanek’s earlier music, Yanni’s influence was very apparent (this is NOT a complaint!), but “Just Like The Wind” seems to reflect Fanek’s own unique voice. Dreamy, graceful and very beautiful, I can’t wait the hear what else he has up his musical sleeves!

“Just Like The Wind” is available on Amazon, iTunes and various streaming sites.
December 4, 2019
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