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Review: Raining Rockets (single)
Sarah Dukes
Cover image of the album Raining Rockets (single) by Sarah Dukes
Raining Rockets (single)
Sarah Dukes
2016 / Sarah Dukes
Review by Kathy Parsons
“Raining Rockets” is a lovely piano solo composed by Sarah Dukes during the 2014 Gaza War when daily headlines reported the incessant rockets raining down on Israel. The piece reflects the feelings of helplessness, fear, and loss of control that so many people felt at the time. Arranged and performed by Mendy Portnoy, the piece has been released only as a single and is not available on either of Sarah Duke’s albums. It begins very gently but is tinged with melancholy, building to a somewhat more passionate and emotional last section. The freely expressive tempo and flowing left hand broken chords give the piece a dreamy feeling. Soothing and very beautiful, “Raining Rockets” is available for download from sarahdukesmusic.com, Amazon and CD Baby.
May 16, 2016
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