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Album Review: Forgetting Yesterday
Sarah Modene
Cover image of the album Forgetting Yesterday by Sarah Modene
Forgetting Yesterday
Sarah Modene
2008 / Sarah Modene
42 minutes
Review by Michael Debbage
One year and one album later not a lot has changed musically for the youthful pianist Sarah Modene. This is not a bad thing considering the strength of her debut, Journey, last year. While she continues to stay at the “pitchers mound” focusing on the mid to lower scales occasionally roaming around the upper scales, Forgetting Yesterday delivers another solid performance from this newcomer.

Forgetting Yesterday includes ten original compositions played on a 9 foot Steinway D concert grand piano with no embellishments. It is simply Sarah doing what she does best, delivering her pure and precise piano performances with technical assistance from Brookwood Studio’s engineer David Lau. The album opens with the reliable “Possibility” and is followed up with the more emotional “Wanderlust”. Keeping in line with the title, Sarah’s hands explores a greater range of her keys giving the song a little more array of emotions. But it only acts as a preparation for “In The Distance” which is probably one of the album's most dynamic compositions.

One thing very noticeable about Sarah’s compositions is her rapid performance and tempo. It is impressive but at times overwhelming, thus the slow and open introduction of her title track is refreshing. Unfortunately, it only lasts about one minute before Sarah is filling out the remainder of her song once again with the theme repeated on “Searching”. That said, she does manage this on the more open and naked “Elegie” that gives you, the listener, the moment to breathe and relax. Sarah would do well to explore this theme more the next time around to give her next project a greater range of different moods and emotions.

Nevertheless, Forgetting Yesterday comes with upgrades found in the more professional artwork as well as a more precise and consistent performance when compared with her debut. Otherwise, the continued dependability of Forgetting Yesterday suggests that you will not forget Sarah Modene tomorrow assuming you are looking for a stylish and tasteful piano performance.
September 9, 2008
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