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Album Review: Longer Days
Scott Ross
Cover image of the album Longer Days by Scott Ross
Longer Days
Scott Ross
2009 / Melodik Records
39 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Longer Days is Scott Ross’ first solo piano (mostly) CD on the Melodik Records label. Also a songwriter, producer and voice talent, Ross’ multi-dimensional voice-overs for commercials can be heard all over the country. He has also composed a large body of music for media, which is also very impressive (samples of Ross’ CD as well as his commercial music are on his site: scottrossmusic.com).The eleven original CD tracks range from quiet and pensive to gently upbeat with an infectious energy. Jessica Vaughan appears on two tracks on violin. Ross is an exceptional pianist whose musical grace and emotional honesty put this CD ahead of most of what’s out there. I hope that Longer Days is just the tip of the iceberg and that we’ll be hearing from Scott Ross often!

Longer Days opens with “Colorfind,” a lively piece that is in constant motion, swirling and dancing for joy - a wonderful beginning! “Answer Again” is much slower and more subdued, with a beautiful melody that reminds me of a deeply personal conversation - a favorite. I also really like the gentle flowing movement of “Low Tide,” which hints at the sense of peace that comes from beach-combing when the tide is out. “Face The Wind” has a wonderful energy the suggests the invigoration of being out in the natural elements and simply enjoying them. “Her Scent” becomes a daydream that tries to recreate a special moment - deeply passionate and gorgeous, and another favorite. The closing track, “Longer Nights,” is a bittersweet duet for violin and piano that conveys the intimacy of a late-night conversation that may be more than a little bit painful - a lovely and very memorable ending to a lovely and memorable CD!

Scott Ross is off to a great start with Longer Days, and I look forward to hearing more from him in the future! It is available from CD Baby, iTunes, and Dig Station. Recommended!
April 10, 2009
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