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Album Review: Mystique (single)
Sean Christopher McGee
Cover image of the album Mystique (single) by Sean Christopher McGee
Mystique (single)
Sean Christopher McGee
2022 / StarMan Music
4 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
"Mystique" is a dark and emotionally powerful single release from pianist/ keyboardist/ composer Sean Christopher McGee. Also an avid photographer and filmmaker, it is no wonder that his music has a very strong visual quality and often tells a story. Piano, strings, keyboards, wordless female vocals, and a variety of ambient sounds combine to create a very mysterious, atmospheric piece that also feels chilly to me. Resonant octaves in the deep bass of the piano /keyboard are contrasted with light bells or wind chimes and hand percussion, but it's the cello that really pulls you in. Has something tragic just happened? Are we in danger? Why is it so dark in here? Those questions remain to be answered by your own imagination. "Mystique" is very highly recommended!

"Mystique" is available from Sean's website, Amazon, Apple/iTunes and streaming sites like Spotify.

For clarity, I will mention that McGee released a full album with the title Mystique in 2016 under the name "Sean Christopher." This piece is brand new and has nothing to do with the older album.
April 20, 2022
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