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Album Review: A Winter Blessing
Cover image of the album A Winter Blessing by Seay
A Winter Blessing
2008 / Tuscan Sun
31 minutes
Review by Michael Debbage
"Blessing" is a word of encouragement or approval that usually also has a spiritual connotation to it. With an emphasis on winter and all things associated with Christmas, Seay embraces the essence of the season on both a commercial and spiritual level with her gorgeous choir of voices and multi layered keyboards. The tender yet compelling beauty of this magical recording is only further evidence that it will be “when” not “if” Seay becomes a household name.

As the world faces significant economic worries and a rather bleak future, Seay counters our fears by bringing her message of hope, love, peace and joy courtesy of the ever optimistic composition “All Around The World.” The song encapsulates the spirit found on “We Are The World” and “Do They Know It's Christmas?” resulting in a song that will elevate and lift your spirits high. Despite the lofty expectations set by the stellar opening song, the enchantment continues courtesy of “A Christmas Heart” as Seay displays her soft yet soulful side that brings to mind Annie Lennox. If it is a solo performance that you prefer skip forward to the more traditional rendition of “In The Bleak Midwinter.”

In complete contrast, Seay also focuses on her gifted ability to create vocal instrumental masterpieces by transforming her expressive vocals into a sea of a Seay choir creating breathtaking, beautiful harmonies that are simply mesmerizing. “Winterlight” has a more buoyant approach matched by Seay’s rendition of “Carol Of The Bells,” renamed “Carol The Bells.” The more reflective moments can be found on “Snowfall” and the mystical “Whispering Pines” that certainly draws inspiration from Enya.

The production is once again meticulous in detail, embellished by soft guitars, fretless bass, keyboards, strings and percussion. Originally released in November of 2007, A Winter Blessing did not take full advantage of the season, thus the reason for it being re-released this year in a more timely fashion. Largely self-composed material that embraces the season of Christmas, A Winter Blessing is accessible enough to be generous all year around. Enjoy the gift of "a winter blessing" by embracing the latest offering from the truly gifted artist Seay.
December 1, 2008
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