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Album Review: Inner Peace
Shirley Cason
Cover image of the album Inner Peace by Shirley Cason
Inner Peace
Shirley Cason
2007 / Shirley Cason
35 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Inner Peace is Shirley Cason’s sixth release and contains eleven very personal original compositions that convey a variety of moods and emotions. Performed on keyboards, this is Cason’s first album in four years, due in part to the loss of her best friend of twenty-five years. Some of the pieces on this CD express sadness, but others are more joyful - all are very loving. I have enjoyed reviewing all of Cason’s CDs, but I think this is my favorite. Also a songwriter, Cason has included lyrics for some of these pieces in the CD’s liner notes and on her website (everything on the recording is instrumental), adding another dimension to the music. It is suggested that this CD be used for relaxation, healing, massage, and Reiki, but I think just about everyone can enjoy this music. Honest and heartfelt music communicates to anyone receptive to its message, and this music certainly fits that description.

Inner Peace begins with “Waiting For You,” a somewhat mysterious piece that is more ambient than melodic and has a slightly Asian flavor. It’s an intriguing beginning that invites the listener to proceed and see what’s next. “Come, Into My Room” calms and soothes with the joy of new love - a beautiful and touching song! The title track speaks of seeing the beauty that shines around the one you are in love with. This piece also has an Asian influence and is very atmospheric. “You Are Beautiful Music” is a gorgeous love song to that someone who reawakens deep emotion and brings inspiration. The instrumentation is simple, with ethereal voices behind piano and guitar, creating the feeling of vast open space. “Follow the Teacher” is a jaunty, playful piece that reminds me of some of Suzanne Ciani’s earlier keyboard pieces. It’s very rhythmic with a spare but joyful melody line, creating a change of mood from most of the rest of the album. “I Shouldn’t Care, But I Do,” is quietly reflective, very honest, and more than a little frightened of loss. “Inner Peace With Love” is graceful and warm like a cozy hug. “Peace For The Moments Of Your Life” is a blissful guitar closing that expresses contentment and serenity.

Inner Peace is a great choice for a calming and soothing musical escape. Very accessible and satisfying, it is available from shirleycason.com and amazon.com. Recommended!
May 12, 2008
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