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Album Review: Moment For Yourself
Cover image of the album Moment For Yourself by Silvard
Moment For Yourself
2019 / Musical Mollusk Recordings
47 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Moment For Yourself is the twelfth solo piano album from Silvard. Created in his signature “Freeflow” style, the twelve pieces express a variety of emotions and experiences with warm melodies and gentle rhythms that are sure to lighten your step and soothe away any stresses of the day. “Freeflow” is a method Silvard often uses in concerts as well as on his recordings to create music “in the moment.” He explains it this way: “When I am in the recording studio, I just concentrate and get into the ‘Flow’ [hence the term ‘Freeflow composition’], and I just play what I feel coming through. I sort of become the instrument that is being played. So I try not to control what I play and not to force an ending to the song. It sort of ends by itself.” Silvard’s albums are varied in that some are “Freeflow,” some are more composed, and some are his arrangements of popular music and show tunes. Born and raised in The Netherlands, Silvard started playing the piano at the age of 10. He moved to the US when he was 18 to study Marine Biology and also started playing the piano in local hotels and restaurants in the Myrtle Beach, SC area. He received his Ph.D. in Marine Biology in 1989.

Moment For Yourself begins with “A New Day,” a brightly optimistic piece with a steady, gently rocking rhythm in the left hand and a more complex right. “Focus” is slower and feels more purposeful - more focused! “Joyful Memories” expresses warm feelings of nostalgia and quiet reflection. Darker, dreamy and elegant, “Moon Over San Carlos” hints of a Spanish influence and is one of my favorites. The upbeat “Waltz of Celebration” becomes a light and playful dance - joy set to music. While the left hand flows smoothly throughout “Reflecting,” the melody is slower and more meditative - also a favorite. I interpret “Just Breathe” as a heartfelt entreaty to a loved one to slow down and regroup - poignant and very beautiful. Gracefully-flowing and serene, “Inner Peace” smooths away the stresses of the moment - I really like this one, too! The title track is a warm and sincere encouragement to take some time and just “be.” The freedom in the movement of this piece really matches the sentiment to take a “Moment For Yourself.” “Sweet Dreams” closes the album with a delicate, innocent lullaby sure to bring a smile.

It’s so good to have Silvard back at the piano, creating “Freeflow” music from the heart. Moment For Yourself is available on iTunes and www.Silvard.com. It will be more widely-available on the release day.
September 25, 2019
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