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Album Review: Here Now
Soren Bebe Trio
Cover image of the album Here Now by Soren Bebe Trio
Here Now
Soren Bebe Trio
2023 / From Out Here Music
40 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Here Now is the seventh studio album from Scandinavian jazz group, The Søren Bebe Trio. The group consists of Danish pianist/composer Bebe, Danish bassist Kasper Tagel, and Norwegian drummer Knut Finsrud, a recent addition to the Trio. Founded in 2007, Bebe and crew have performed at leading jazz festivals and venues in countries that include Hong Kong, South Korea, Morocco, Brazil, Poland, the US and Denmark. Inspired at least in part by Bebe's recent move from Copenhagen to a small village in Denmark where he and his family are surrounded by woods, lakes and farmland, the album explores themes that include slowing down life's often hectic pace, seeking presence, and gratitude. Overall, the tone of the album is peaceful and introspective while maintaining the free spirit and spontaneity of jazz. This is the first album I've heard from The Søren Bebe Trio and I will be exploring more! I love the easy groove and expressiveness of this music!

Here Now begins with the title track, a piece that feels especially exploratory and "in the moment," evolving as the spirit of the music moves. "Tangeri" is a favorite with its Latin influence and easy sway - something of a warm and graceful tropical slow dance. "Grateful" begins with a short drum solo that sets the relaxed tempo of this beautifully reflective, melancholy piece - also a favorite. "Winter" expresses the stillness and peace of the season that I would imagine is especially chilly on the Danish countryside. "Misha" is much lighter and more playful, picking up the tempo a bit, but not so much that it breaks the mood and easy flow of the previous tracks. "Be Well" opens with a bass solo by Kasper Tagel that leads into the main theme of the piece. Almost conversational, the piano carries a very spare but heartfelt message of good will and concern. "Folksy (To Jan)" returns to a livelier, more upbeat style that almost seems to smile - another favorite! Darker and sometimes a bit mysterious, "Day By Day" feels very deep in thought and reflection, perhaps searching for answers from within. The light and carefree "Summer" provides an interesting contrast in moods and a groove that just won't quit (nor would I want it to!). This is a great musical expression of warmth and fun. "On and On" brings this terrific album to a close with a prayer-like feeling of reverence and grace. Tagel once again demonstrates his mastery of the stand-up bass in this one.

Here Now is available from Apple Music/iTunes, Amazon, and streaming platforms including Spotify. Don't miss it!
November 13, 2023
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