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Album Review: Behind The Veil
Spencer Brewer
Cover image of the album Behind The Veil by Spencer Brewer
Behind The Veil
Spencer Brewer
2023 / Spencer Brewer Music
48 minutes
Review by Michael Debbage
It has been close to 15 years since Spencer Brewer released his very impressive Cinematic album and while the waiting period has been lengthy is it about quantity or quality? Well judging by these new friends sitting alongside some older more familiar revisited recreated friends, it would appear that Behind The Veil is a musical banquet of Spencer Brewer at his best and totally worth the wait.

Behind The Veil kicks off with the sumptuous romantic waltzing wanderer “Parasols In Paris” only to delicately phase into the ever so charming “And So It Goes…” that really defies category. But this song like the artist also refuses to be pigeonholed into one single category. Followed up by the ever so matured fine wine “Portraits” with an infused new interpretation is when you begin to see the trend of new friends meeting older established friends but musical conversing like they have known each other for decades.

Meanwhile some of the newer faces in the crowd are equally impressive, one in particular being “Myths And Legends”. It is so grand and big that it is hard to imagine that with the exception some choral arrangement around midway thru the song that this is essentially a solo performance. But then again we are speaking of the great Spencer Brewer. It is this trend of blending older friends with newer frontiers that makes this album quite magical but not at the expense of recycling but rather reenergizing the occasional revisits.

Typically as a reviewer one would much prefer to see all new material versus an artist borrowing from himself, especially when the wait has been over 15 years. But when the few revisits are as excellent as the new friends there is very little to complain about except to say welcome to 48 minutes plus to the sensational Spencer Brewer's newest release. One request Mr. Brewer? Please don’t be a stranger for another 15 years.
December 29, 2023