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Album Review: Butterfly
Stan Berger
Cover image of the album Butterfly by Stan Berger
Stan Berger
2019 / Stan Berger Music
48 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Butterfly is the fourth album from pianist/composer Stan Berger, following his 2016 release, Piano Sketches. Like his previous recordings, Butterfly is mostly solo piano, but two tracks have additional keyboard orchestration. All thirteen original compositions on this album are smooth and melodic and would be great for relaxation as well as for creating a warm, soothing backdrop for working, reading, a romantic dinner, driving or whatever you choose. A variety of moods are expressed throughout the album, but this is music that makes you feel good while eliciting an occasional sigh.

A longtime studio musician, composer, musical director and former keyboardist for Barry White, Stan Berger received his Doctorate degree in Music Composition from Claremont Graduate University in 1994. With a strong background in several genres of music, including classical and jazz, Berger brings a wealth of experience to his music, which is expressive, soulful and very beautiful.

The album begins with “Beautiful Tower,” a piece with a gently-flowing rhythm and a ballad-like melody that could easily support lyrics (but none are needed). “Day of Light” is a musical daydream - unhurried and blissful. “Dream of You,” a love song without words, expresses deep emotions that melt the heart. My favorite track on the album is “Melancholy.” Its darker minor key and hint of a Russian classical style catch my attention every time and I can definitely imagine it in a movie soundtrack! “Grace” is piano with (digital) strings behind it and suggests a sweet love story or a dancer moving slowly through time and space. “Love’s Theme” is another favorite. Poignant and bittersweet, passion and longing flow through every note. The title track is sunshine set to music - buoyant and carefree. I really like this one, too! The peaceful and dreamy “Secret Garden” is slightly mysterious and has phrases with an Asian flavor, evoking images of a perfect garden somewhere. I want to go there! “Someday” is the second track with (digital) strings behind the piano. The album comes to a close with “Springtime,” a piece that overflows with warm contentment and optimism as it paints pictures of flowers blooming in pastel colors, fluffy white clouds and gentle breezes. I needed that!

Butterfly is a very welcome respite from the turbulent times we are experiencing. It is available from Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby and many streaming sites.
September 12, 2019
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