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Album Review: Language of the Soul
Steven Vitali
Cover image of the album Language of the Soul by Steven Vitali
Language of the Soul
Steven Vitali
2013 / Steven Vitali
78 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Language of the Soul is the latest release from Canadian composer/multi-instrumentalist Steven Vitali. Vitali has been composing music for more than 35 years, and has written a large body of music for films, television and radio in addition to his own recordings. The lush orchestrations and cinematic sweep of much of this music give it an evocative, visual quality that can conjure up images in the mind of the listener and create a soundtrack for those images. Some of the seventeen tracks are uptempo and have a strong rhythm while others are quieter and more subdued. It’s a fascinating mix that works well in either the background or with full listening attention. Despite the larger scale of some of this music, it appears from the liner notes that the music was composed, performed, arranged, produced, and orchestrated by a team of - ONE! Impressive! Vitali plays piano, keyboards, guitar, drums, and percussion, so that covers just about everything! A self-taught musician and composer, Vitali’s music is melodic, accessible, and varied enough to appeal to a broad listening audience.

Language of the Soul begins with “Everything Happens For A Reason,” a beautifully-flowing piece with an easy rhythm and gentle spirit - one of my favorites. “Guitar Of Soul” has the graceful sway of a slow dance and the warmth of a very pleasant dream. “Be The Miracle” invites comparison to some of Yanni’s music, partly because of the instrumentation and partly due to the scope of the piece - another favorite. “Creative Soul” begins with a really heavy beat like someone tapping on a piece of wood with something harder than a knuckle - really ear-catching and interest-piquing! Guitar, keyboards, strings, and other percussion add their flavors to this very compelling piece - love it! The cinematic “A Sign Of The Dragon” would be fantastic behind footage of China’s landmarks and countryside. Voices, Chinese instrumentation, and a driving beat create feelings of majesty and beauty. “Forever Germaine” is a gentle, loving tribute to Vitali’s mother. The bright and light-hearted piano-based “Red Piano” includes pizzicato strings, a strong beat, and voices. “Soul Healing” is more mysterious and a bit darker in the first couple of minutes, gradually brightening and lifting to an intense and vibrant theme that eventually returns to the opening theme to close - another favorite. “Tomorrow Starts Here,” a swirling dance of life, overflows with energy and celebration. “Piano In Paris” is a light, romantic piece that brings the album so a warm, contented close.

Language Of The Soul is a great choice for those who like more orchestration and an uplifting emotional experience. It is available from Amazon and iTunes. Recommended!
July 15, 2014
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Cover image of the album Language of the Soul by Steven Vitali
Review by Michael Debbage