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Album Review: Meditations: For Dreams, Relaxation, and Sleep
Suzanne Ciani
Cover image of the album Meditations: For Dreams, Relaxation, and Sleep by Suzanne Ciani
Meditations: For Dreams, Relaxation, and Sleep
Suzanne Ciani
2002 / Seventh Wave
64 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Meditations is a beautiful collection of fourteen of Suzanne Ciani’s most peaceful and relaxing works, spanning her 20-year career and taken from ten of her masters. It is not intended as a “best of” collection in the usual sense, and is more of a thematic collection. The album is seamless, and the pieces work wonderfully together, creating a restful and soothing state in which to let the mind wander and perhaps drift off to sleep. Selections go as far back as “Seven Waves,” Ciani’s first major release (1982 in Japan, 1984 in the US) up through “Pianissimo III” in 2001. Ciani’s early work was as a pioneer in the electronic music field, and “The Third Wave,” “The Velocity of Love,” “Lay Down Beside Me,” “L’Azzurro,” and “Lumiere” are from that era - it’s so good to hear these pieces again! “Inverness” and “Go Gently” are also older pieces, but Ciani used the beautiful versions from her “Live” album with the Wave, updating them a bit. Most of the other pieces are from her solo piano “Pianissimo” albums and the combination of electronic and acoustic selections is fascinating. Suzanne Ciani has been one of my favorite artist/composers for many years, and this is an outstanding collection even if you have all of her earlier releases. Very highly recommended!
January 1, 2002
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