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Album Review: In the Key of Love
Ted Brabham
Cover image of the album In the Key of Love by Ted Brabham
In the Key of Love
Ted Brabham
2003 / Ted Brabham
52 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
In The Key of Love is pianist Ted Brabham’s third release this year. This one is a collection of love songs played in more of an easy-listening style than “new age.” Brabham’s piano is accompanied by synth orchestrations. While a lot of the song selections are pretty standard, Brabham’s arrangements are fresh and very enjoyable to listen to. Standards include “My Heart Will Go On,” “The Way We Were,” “Love Story,” “Send In the Clowns,” ”A Time For Us,” and “Memory.” A few of the less frequently heard pieces are Barry Manilow’s “When the Meadow Was Bloomin,’” “Tell Him, “ and “Chinatown” - my favorite tracks. Brabham also does a great job with “If,” “Lost Without Your Love,” and “The Rainbow Connection.” That last title was a surprise, but it works well in the collection and is indeed a love song. So if you’re in the mood for some old romantic favorites played on the piano with light orchestrations, this is a good choice. It is available from www.amazon.com and www.tedbrabham.com.
December 14, 2003
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