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Album Review: Let There Be Light
Tom Moore and Sherry Finzer
Cover image of the album Let There Be Light by Tom Moore and Sherry Finzer
Let There Be Light
Tom Moore and Sherry Finzer
2017 / Heart Dance Recordings
55 minutes
Review by Joseph Akins
The liner notes say this is a musical journey “to help inspire an experience of sound beyond its physical manifestation and into the realm of consciousness.” Let There Be Light is definitely a musical journey and is the second collaboration between multi-instrumentalist Tom Moore and flautist Sherry Finzer. Their first, Whispers from Silence, was released in 2016 and garnered a nomination for Best Meditation/Relaxation Album from Zone Music Reporter. I expect Let There Be Light to have the same level of success (if not higher).

Throughout its nine tracks, Sherry’s melodious flute lines are accompanied by Tom’s orchestrations that last between five and seven minutes, giving us a total time of 54:35. Within that time, Sherry switches between concert, alto and bass flute, and Tom creates music with keyboard synthesizers, guitars, bass and percussion. It’s a great combination that is consistently peaceful and soothing from start to finish. Tom is also given credit for recording, mixing and mastering.

Many tracks begin with an environmental sound such as wind, water or thunder. Track one, “The Way of the White Cloud”, begins with a water sound that transitions into a mystical drone with gentle bass and drum. Sherry enters on alto flute. Her tone is lush and the vibrato is soothing. It’s a peaceful way to start the album.

“First Light” continues the musical journey by starting with a low drone mixed with water and bird sounds. Sherry enters with what sounds like a bass flute, but she quickly changes to a concert flute with musical lines that climb gradually higher in register and then back down again.

The mystical “Timeless Journey” is my favorite track at the time of this writing. It has a Middle Eastern flavor that reminds me a little of the instrumentals from Loreena McKinnett. It works perfectly with my morning yoga routine. The sitar sound is a nice touch.

“Full Moon Night” begins with water sounds and a harp strum with distant echoes. I can see a full moon reflecting off a sea of water while listening to this one. Then next, “A Celebration of Life”, gives us a subtle groove that leans a bit toward the smooth jazz genre. Can I say this one is sexy? Well, it is.

Four more tracks complete this inspiring musical journey. The music is always peaceful, comforting and meditative. It invites the listener to close their eyes and take an inner journey. It’s perfect for massage, yoga or any of the healing arts as well. I’m now a big Tom Moore/Sherry Finzer fan. I’m sure you will be too.
January 17, 2018
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