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Album Review: Dare To Dream
Unleashed Dreams
Cover image of the album Dare To Dream by Unleashed Dreams
Dare To Dream
Unleashed Dreams
2017 / L Walker International Ltd. & Paddisongs Publishing
52 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Dare To Dream is the very impressive debut by Canadian singer/songwriter duo, Unleashed Dreams. The album is part of their mission “to create epic music and songs to empower people to transform their lives and live their dreams. Their vision is to be part of the global movement helping to raise human consciousness for a better world.” (quoted from the liner notes of the CD) The duo consists of Lindsay Gaye Walker, a singer-songwriter and transformational life coach and Sean Michael Paddison, a composer, songwriter, music producer and pianist. The pair is joined by an excellent group of supporting vocalists and instrumentalists who contribute their talents to the full, lush sound of the music. The twelve tracks on the album consist of nine vocals and three instrumentals that range in style from pop to more classical and new age. It’s a compelling mix of strong, uplifting lyrics and passionate instrumentation. Folks, I think we have a winner here! In reading about Walker and Paddison on their website, it is clear that both artists have have encountered many of life’s ups and downs, so the words and music come from a place of experience rather than hopeful idealism, and I’m sure that’s why the album comes across with truth, sincerity and passion.

Dare To Dream begins with “Deep,” a song originally written after Walker’s former husband asked her for a divorce, a request that shattered her life at the time. She went to a life coach, who had her talk about her life and her dreams. Within the song, she reflects on these questions and repeats the refrain, “How deep do I want to go?” Paddison rewrote the melody and carefully added instrumentation that would enhance the emotional content of the song. It’s an incredible introduction to Unleashed Dreams! “Dare To Dream Again” is a gospel-tinged duet for Walker and George St. Kitts, who has been nominated twice for Canadian Juno awards in the “Best R&B/Soul” category and is also known for his stellar performances in the long-running Broadway musical, The Lion King, and for playing Sammy Davis Jr. in The Rat Pack. “Resonance” begins with a spoken part that explains that the energy that we put out into the universe is what comes back to us. Visualized in a moderate rock opera style that includes electric guitar and jubilant background vocals, the song is both fun and profound. “My Sacred Inner Child” is about reconnecting with our inner-child and allowing the innocence and spontaneity of that spirit to come back to the surface instead of ignoring and suppressing it - a beautiful and very emotional song. “Riding the Winds of Change” is the instrumental version of “Onward to Glory,” which comes later on the album. The piece has a very “big,” triumphant and heroic sound that brings many visual images to mind. “A Journey Within” is the instrumental version of “Deep” and allows you to really focus on the beauty and eloquence of the melody. Maria Grigoryeva’s violin and viola express even more emotional depth than the lyrics - both versions of the song are amazing. The closing track, “Moonlight Waltz,” is the instrumental version of “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep” and also features Grigoryeva on violin. This sweet, very gentle but very evocative piece soothes and relaxes while the heart soars. What a great album!

For more information about each song, music videos, discussions and detailed bios of the artists be sure to visit www.UnleashedDreams.com. The album is available there and from CD Baby. Very highly recommended!
November 10, 2017
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