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Album Review: Dream With Me
Vicky Emerson
Cover image of the album Dream With Me by Vicky Emerson
Dream With Me
Vicky Emerson
2002 / Triad Entertainment
48 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Dream With Me is a beautiful collection of original piano solos, and is Vicky Emerson’s third album to date. Melodic and accessible, Emerson presents us with a variety of styles from the upbeat and playful “Flirt” to the reflective “Memento.” Emerson’s often-elegant playing reminds me of a bit of Robin Spielberg. Having started piano lessons at the age of six, Emerson incorporates classical as well as pop influences in her compositions, which are both structured and yet free and fresh. Still quite young, Emerson could emerge as a strong voice in the genre of contemporary instrumental music.

“Brave Soul” is a delicate piece dedicated to friends who complimented Emerson for having the courage to follow her dream. It has a feeling of searching and questioning, and of moving forward. As it builds momentum, the melody becomes bolder and then drops back to the original pace and theme. “Flirt” is a favorite with its ragtime style and joyous mood - this piece is pure fun! “Gentle Rain” is another beauty with its soothing and refreshing quality - much like a walk in a spring rainshower. “Flight” is freedom set to music. With the ability to soar above the clouds and look down at the beauty we often take for granted as the theme, this piece captures the feeling perfectly. “Candlelight Shadows” is another favorite. Warm and cozy, contentment prevails along with a sense of peace. “Midnight Conversations” shows us a different side of Emerson - one that I like a lot! Bluesy and infectious, this piece is as much fun as “Flirt,” and is one of those songs that makes my fingers itch to play it! Excellent from start to finish, Dream With Me is highly recommended. It is available from vickyemerson.com, amazon.com, and barnesandnoble.com.
January 31, 2003