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Album Review: All Beginnings Are Hard (single)
Zach Sprowls
Cover image of the album All Beginnings Are Hard (single) by Zach Sprowls
All Beginnings Are Hard (single)
Zach Sprowls
2022 / Zach Sprowls
4 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
"All Beginnings Are Hard" is the debut single from Zach Sprowls, a classically-trained pianist and composer who has literally taken devastating life experiences and turned them into an art-form that everyone can relate to and understand - if they listen with an open heart. The single has been released in two versions. The first was played on a felted upright piano and recorded in Zach's PA apartment. A quartet consisting of members of the US Army Strings added Zach's string arrangement, and then Zach added understated analog synth textures. The second version is solo piano and was recorded live on an unfelted acoustic piano. Both versions have a delicate, dreamy, almost fragile feeling - especially the more orchestrated version. The piece is deeply moving, but also expresses hope and optimism at the prospect of a fresh start. It's an extremely promising debut, and I can't wait to hear more of the music that Zach Sprowls has composed over the past six years and will be releasing soon!

There are several videos on YouTube that feature both versions of the piece as well as a couple with Zach talking about the music. In addition to the videos, "All Beginnings Are Hard" is available from Zach's website, Amazon, Apple Music/ iTunes and streaming sites including Bandcamp and Spotify. Don't miss them!
April 4, 2023
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