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Songbook Review: Free Sheet Music!
Bernward Koch
Cover image of the songbook Free Sheet Music! by Bernward Koch
Free Sheet Music!
Bernward Koch
2012 / Bernward Koch
Review by Kathy Parsons
New: First official sheet music of Bernward Koch – for free!

We are pleased to announce you that the first sheet music of Bernward Koch is now available, for free!

The sheets are simplified arrangements of the original studio recordings and can be used for piano, keyboards and other instruments (e.g. the melody can played by the flute). In addition, they contains chord symbols for accompaniment, as for instance played by a guitar.

1) Walking through Clouds
- Album: WALKING THROUGH CLOUDS (Real Music, www.realmusic.com)
- (also on Real Music compilations like “iRelax - for Lovers” , “Finding Balance”)
- Link: https://www.realmusic.com/blog/free-sheet-music-download. Follow the link, hit the Download button and print it, it’s easy. We would appreciate if you leave a comment.

2) Wonderful Glider
- Album: STILL MAGIC (BSC-Music, www.bscmusic.com)
- (also on the compilations “Piano Dreamers” (Real Music), “Wellness” (BSC-Music)
- Write an email to bsc@bscmusic.com and ask for the free sheet music of “Wonderful Glider” of Bernward Koch. Then you will get the pdf for free.
- Link to the album: http://www.bscmusic.com/en/cd_shop/39863012/koch_bernward_still_magic.htm

Enjoy the free downloads!
-Bernward Koch Music
December 13, 2012