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Songbook Review: Seamless
Christine Brown
Cover image of the songbook Seamless by Christine Brown
Christine Brown
2016 / Key Image Music
62 pages / 11 songs
Review by Kathy Parsons
I have really been looking forward to Christine Brown’s Seamless songbook! The individual pieces have been available for download for a while, but there is nothing quite like a beautiful, spiral-bound book that stays open on the piano and doesn’t lose its pages in a mishmash on the floor (like the loose pages of a download)! Christine’s Seamless solo piano album/CD was one of my top Favorites of 2016, both for the unusual pairing of a diverse combination of pieces and Christine’s elegant performance of the music. If you are not familiar with the recording, you need to fix that right now! Seamless is a collection of eleven medleys of songs that range from classical favorites to classic rock and pop. A few examples are “Beethoven’s Stairway” that combines “Fur Elise” and “Stairway to Heaven” or Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” and Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” into “Moonlight Hallelujah.” “Bridge of Grace” is “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and “Amazing Grace,” and “Hotel California Dreamin’” combines “Hotel California” with “California Dreaming’” AND Chopin’s Prelude in C minor (Op.28 #20). Although the combinations might seem whimsical or even a little far-fetched, the surprise is that these pieces are gorgeous, expressive and deeply emotional! Seamless is the perfect album title because these medleys are just that with the various songs interwoven into amazing tapestries of beautiful sound. SoloPiano.com named it “Best Pop/Rock/Jazz Piano Album of 2016”

The music is not simple to play, but the pieces are not overly difficult either. Most pianists at an early-advanced playing level should have little trouble mastering this wonderful music! Pedaling suggestions and metronome settings are included in the transcriptions and the music is well-spaced and easy to read. The music is printed on a medium-weight bright white paper stock that should hold up well to many years of playing enjoyment. The book is currently available exclusively from www.SheetMusicPlus.com. Very highly recommended!

The song titles, the keys they are in, and the number of pages are:

Beethoven’s Stairway - Key of A minor (0 sharps or flats) - 7 pages
The Police Trilogy - Key of A minor / D minor (1 flat) - 7 pages
Hello Someone - Key of F minor (4 flats) - 6 pages
Moonlight Hallelujah - Key of E/C# minor (4 sharps) - 5 pages
Titanium Chandelier - Key of D (2 sharps) - 7 pages
Happy Together - Key of D minor (1 flat)/ D major (2 sharps) - 5 pages
Bridge of Grace - Key of Bb/ G minor (2 flats) - 5 pages
Love, Elvis - Key of F (1 flat) - 4 pages
Can’t Make You Stay - Key of G minor (2 flats) - 5 pages
Hotel California Dreamin’ - Key of C minor (3 flats) - 5 pages
Rainbow Smile - Key of Bb (2 flats) - 4 pages
September 18, 2017
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