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Songbook Review: The Piano Pieces
Christopher Ferreira
Cover image of the songbook The Piano Pieces by Christopher Ferreira
The Piano Pieces
Christopher Ferreira
2011 / Christopher Ferreira
52 pages / 11 songs
Review by Kathy Parsons
The Piano Pieces sheet music book is the companion book to Christopher Ferreira’s stunning 2011 solo piano release by the same name. All eleven original compositions from the CD are included, printed on a special heavy manuscript paper with a beautiful linen cover. This is one of the most elegant sheet music books I’ve seen, and it is presented as a limited edition from Christopher’s website. (The full book and individual pieces are also available as downloads.) The print is a bit bigger than normal, making reading the music especially nice since it is so roomy, clear, and crisp. Christopher did the transcriptions himself and I had the pleasure of editing and proofing the scores, so I can attest that the music is note-for-note the way it was recorded. Pedal markings and expression are carefully notated as well.

The actual playing of these pieces is generally not difficult (“Goodnight Moon,” “Beatrice,” and “A Fragile Campaign” have some tricky passages), but a sensitive touch and an even more sensitive soul are very helpful in making these pieces sound like the recording! Most of the pieces are on the slow, moody side, allowing the pianist great freedom of expression. I have gotten tremendous pleasure in playing this music, and this is a book that won’t spend much time on the bookshelf! For a limited time, a free download of the CD is available with the purchase of a copy of the book from christopherferreira.com - an amazing deal! I give this book (and the CD) my highest recommendation.
December 13, 2011