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Songbook Review: Breath of Spring
Iris Litchfield
Cover image of the songbook Breath of Spring by Iris Litchfield
Breath of Spring
Iris Litchfield
2010 / Iris Litchfield
80 pages / 23 songs
Review by Kathy Parsons
Breath of Spring is a wonderful songbook of piano solos by Iris Litchfield. Seven of the twenty-three pieces come from her 2007 album When Evening Falls with Tom Salvatori, and five are from their 2010 release Ever Ever On (all but two of her solos are included from these two albums). The other selections come from her various European CD releases, some of which are available at Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby. I enjoyed playing all of the pieces in this book and didn’t find any of them to be difficult. Most are 2-4 pages long and most are in relatively easy key signatures. For students, there is no fingering or phrasing indicated, but this shouldn’t be a problem. Most of the pieces are relatively slow and flowing, and all are very enjoyable to play. Pianists at an upper-intermediate to early-advanced level should have little or no difficulty with this music. Only a few of the songs have some minor spacing issues where a note might overlap an accidental or the notes are a little bit too close together, but most of the print is very clear and easy to read. The music is very melodic and expressive, making it very satisfying to play. I highly recommend it! Breath of Spring is available from Tutti.
January 4, 2011
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