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Songbook Review: Active Imagination
Cover image of the songbook Active Imagination by Isadar
Active Imagination
2008 / Mainya Music Publishing (1999 Compositions)
40 pages
Review by Kathy Parsons
Active Imagination Sheet Music Collection is the companion songbook to Isadar’s 1999 CD release, Active Imagination. The CD was one of my favorites for the year when I reviewed it for the print version of “Wind and Wire” magazine, so I was really looking forward to the sheet music! Transcribed note-for-note by David Shenton of ShentonMusic.com (I proofed about half of the book, so I can attest to how accurate it is!), it is up to you to make the music sound as close to the CD as you want or to interpret the music and make your own statements with it. One thing that really stands out about this collection is how much FUN it is to play. The rhythms are interesting and catchy, and the mood in several of the songs is playful and upbeat. This is especially true with the title song, “Throwing the Dice,” “Where the Wild Things Are,” and “Feu Follet (the ‘spook’ light).” “Waiting,” “Love Chaconne,” and “Uncertainty” are slower, more introspective, and a bit moody, making this a sheet music collection that contains a variety of moods and styles. The only piece missing from the book is Liz Story’s “Wedding Rain,” but the sheet music for that song is available in some of Ms Story’s own collections. Early-advanced players should have no trouble with this music. The timing on some of the songs is a little bit tricky, but if you count it as you are learning it, it will fall into place. If you haven’t heard the CD, check it out, too! This book is available from isadar.com and amazon.com. Highly recommended!
October 30, 2008
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