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Songbook Review: The Piano Song Book
Michael Hoppé
Cover image of the songbook The Piano Song Book by Michael Hoppé
The Piano Song Book
Michael Hoppé
2003 / Chordially Yours Music
94 pages
Review by Kathy Parsons
The Piano Song Book is a collection of seventeen piano solos by Michael Hoppé. The scores are clear and easy to read, and the pieces are quite easy to play. Well, the notes are fairly easy to play (intermediate level), but putting heart and soul into the music so that it sounds like Michael Hoppé is quite another thing! This is great music for playing with expression and passion. The songs were selected from Hoppé’s many CDs up to the year 2001, and a few of the scores include violin or viola parts, which could also be played on a keyboard. None of the pieces are fast or heavily chorded, so they are easy to learn for pianists of modest skills and provide at least an hour of extremely enjoyable sight-reading and/or self-expression for those of more advanced abilities. A CD of all of the music in the book is included, as is Hoppe's short biography, and the interview he and I did in 2003. The Piano Song Book is available from michaelhoppe.com. Recommended!!!
October 18, 2008