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Songbook Review: Piano for My Soul, Volume 1
Peggy Duquesnel
Cover image of the songbook Piano for My Soul, Volume 1 by Peggy Duquesnel
Piano for My Soul, Volume 1
Peggy Duquesnel
2022 / Duquesnel Music Publishing
5 pages / 19 songs
Review by Kathy Parsons
The Piano for My Soul, Volume 1 songbook is a collection of five pieces from Peggy Duquesnel's 2022 album by the same name. The recording itself has thirteen orchestrated tracks and eight that are solo piano. The five selections in the songbook are from the solos on the album (I know that seems obvious, but there have been some interesting exceptions over the years!). Three of the five pieces combine well-known hymns with well-known classical pieces; one is just the hymn; and the fifth is an original lullaby Peggy Duquesnel composed when her grandson was born. All five pieces are at an intermediate/ upper-intermediate playing level and are suitable for pianists of all ages. The music works well for churches, concerts, recitals, memorials, and various gatherings as well as for your own playing pleasure!

All of the pieces in the songbook include chord charts and some include fingering where it's helpful. Some have metronome settings and some don't. The notation is a good size and very easy to read. There are a few small notational issues (slurs and/or phrasing going through notes, a few missing fermatas, etc.) that really don't cause sight-reading problems. One thing I found confusing at first was the use of 8va. There are no dotted lines to show how far the octave higher goes, but if you stay 8va until you reach a "loco" indication, you can't go wrong!

The songbook is available as a PDF download from Peggy's website as well as from SheetMusicPlus.com.

The titles of the pieces, the key(s) they are in, and the number of pages are:

Be Still My Soul/ Finlandia - Key of C (0 sharps or flats) - 3 pages: "Finlandia" by Sibelius is actually the melody for the hymn "Be Still My Soul," so this one really isn't a medley - it's a really nice arrangement, though!

Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow /Invention #13 in A Minor - Key of A Minor (0 sharps or flats) - 5 pages: Combining the song also known as "Doxology" with one of JS Bach's Inventions works really well.

Take My Life, and Let it Be - Key of C - 3 pages: A very nice arrangement!

It Is Well With My Soul/ Invention #14 in B Flat Major - Key of Bb (2 flats) - 3 pages: This piece also combines a hymn with a Bach Invention and is fun to play!

A Lullaby - Key of Bb - 3 pages: Peggy Duquesnel's lullaby composed when her grandson was born - a sweet and tender love song!
May 13, 2022