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Songbook Review: More Sheet Music from Stephane Horeczko
Stephane Horeczko
Cover image of the songbook More Sheet Music from Stephane Horeczko by Stephane Horeczko
More Sheet Music from Stephane Horeczko
Stephane Horeczko
2009 / Stephane Horeczko
Review by Kathy Parsons
These selections will become available on a future recording.

S’amuse le temps
“S’amuse le temps” is a playful little piece that is simple and carefree. The left hand plays a two-bar pattern that repeats throughout the piece, and the right hand plays the melody. Composed in the key of D minor (two flats), following the dynamics and accents is a must. Recommended for pianists at an upper-intermediate level. 3 pages

Valse pour Annie
“Valse pour Annie” is a sweet and charming little dance with a slightly bittersweet flavor. Played at a moderately lively tempo, it is graceful and fun to play. Composed in the key of A major with many expression markings to follow, an upper-intermediate pianist should be able to master it without difficulty. 4 pages

Souvenirs de recre
“Souvenirs de recre” is a lively and expressive piece that is also fun to play. Upbeat and playful, it dances around in mostly the mid-range of the piano. It is composed in G minor, and all of the dynamics and other expression is clearly marked. It is suitable for pianists of an upper-intermediate playing level. A live version of this piece can be heard on MySpace. 4 pages plus repeat

Comme si
“Comme si” is slow and somewhat moody with an Alberti bass left hand throughout most of the piece. The piece was composed for piano and a C instrument (keyboard, strings, flute, etc.), although most of the second part is improvised with suggestions given. As a piano solo, the piece also works well since most of the given notation for the second instrument is the same as the piano part - the improvised sections would of course be different. Because the left hand on the piano part is very repetitive, this is not a difficult piece to play. Adding the second instrument would add a bit of a challenge, but one that would be fun and creative. A live version of this piece can be heard on MySpace. 6 pages plus repeat

These pieces are available from Editions Bourges R. and Note4Piano.
October 11, 2009
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