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Songbook Review: Piano Solos
Timothy Davey
Cover image of the songbook Piano Solos by Timothy Davey
Piano Solos
Timothy Davey
2008 / Lying Down Music
40 pages
Review by Kathy Parsons
Piano Solos is a collection of original pieces selected from each of Timothy Davey’s three CDs, transcribed note-for-note by Michael Dulin and proofed by yours truly. Rhythmically and harmonically complex, these are not pieces that can be tossed off in one sitting unless you are an incredible musician yourself, but pianistic fans of Timothy’s music will find the challenge is well worth it. The pieces that are included are “The Weight of Time,” the three short “Windmill Interludes,” and “I Have a Notion” (my favorite in the collection!) from Timothy’s most recent release, The Weight of Time; “Distant Starlight” and “Out Walking” from Scenes From the Neighbourhood; and “Everything’s OK” from Uncovered Keys. The pieces are available for download individually or in book form from http://www.lulu.com/content/5476418. Check it out!
May 15, 2009