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2019 Holiday Wishes List
The annual Wishes List is always one of my favorite newsletter articles every year. I started teaching piano lessons in January 1981 and started an informational newsletter for my students and their families in 1982. Pianotes became a monthly publication in 1984 and I started the Annual Holiday Wishes List in 1986. At first, it was just for my students, but as I started interviewing artists and composers, more and more of them joined in. As I tell the participants, I ask for wishes because they can be anything and do not need to be wrapped or fit under a tree, and I ask for two because it just makes it more interesting. They are Holiday Wishes so that anyone can join in. Many of this year's wishes are very poignant, reflecting on this very special time of year. A few people sent more than two wishes, and I am including those, too. These are listed in the approximate order I received them. Enjoy! 
JEFF BJORCK: 1) I wish for our administration to reverse the brutal betrayal of the Kurdish, Christian, and Yazidi people by restoring the international Turkish/Syrian border, which would allow the 300,000 displaced people to return to their homes (or what is left of their homes) and bury their dead with dignity.

2) I wish for an end to the mindless, selfish, partisan polarization of Congress and a resumed governmental pursuit of the common good for our country, which has not happened in many years.
KRIS BAINES: 1. That parents would value and make the most of the precious time while their children are still at home
2. That we would be grateful for the life we have been given and appreciate every moment as it is given to us.
ROBIN MELOY GOLDSBY: 1. Any Thoughtful Adult: 2020—we’ve had enough divisiveness, hatred, greed, racism, sexism, and ICK factor to last a lifetime. Wish: Get out and vote for the qualified candidate of your choice.

2. Love is everything. This is my creed for the new year. Wish: Let’s all remember the power of love to pull us through difficult times. Really, it’s everything.
CHUCK DADISMAN: I wish all children would have experience with piano lessons for their educational growth.

I wish all children would have "beautiful days in their neighborhoods”.
CATHY OAKES: I wish for for every child to be safe and feel love and I wish for a CURE for cancer
CAROL NICODEMI: 1-To find balance in my musical aspirations while being the rock on which my family depends.
2- Newspaper headlines that emphasize love, not disaster
ANAYA: Enhance consciousness, awareness, gratitude, love, wellbeing and contribute to that with quality of music creation / production of AnayaMusic.
DARLENE KOLDENHOVEN: #1 I wish for a world filled with less division, more love and caring with abundance for all.

#2 This is actually on my Christmas List and it was only $10. Sold out but would save precious piano fingers! (photo in main part of newsletter.)
TIM NEUMARK: I wish everyone could take the time to visit at least one performing arts show in 2020, be it a solo piano concert, a full symphony orchestra concert, or a musical theater show.

I wish more people would display more empathy.
GREG MARONEY: 1.  I wish that people would realize the unique miracle that each one of us is.  That we are alive in this vast universe is beyond anything we can measure.  There is no time to waste by being hateful, violent or thinking we are better than anyone else.  Look up at the stars and have wonder at your presence in the universe.  There is no time other than NOW!

2.  That my musician friends obtain millions of spins on all of the streaming services!
BERNWARD KOCH: 1) Wisdom for humanity for the preservation of our planet with its inhabitants

2) A good start for my new album "Becoming" in the spring of 2020, where I worked almost two years from the bottom of my heart.
MICHAEL HOPPE: My two wishes this year are stated in the title of my forthcoming choral album PEACE & RECONCILIATION 
So Peace and Reconciliation are my two wishes…
DAN KENNEDY: Wishing and hoping for increased strength, hope, and funding for the natural world, which is threatened in different ways.
GARY SCHMIDT: 1) I wish for more political harmony and good will in this country.

2) I wish Spotify and Pandora would raise their royalty rates Lol
PATRICK LEE HEBERT: I wish for our government to unite together and wish that George Winston would come closer to TN. Lol.
ROBIN SPIELBERG: Wishing all my piano friends good health, joy, love and productivity the new year!
RICHARD CARR: My first wish is that everyone in the world has a safe, warm place to be during these holidays!
My second wish is that all artists releasing new albums in 2020 have great success with the new music.
PENKA KOUNEVA: 1. I wish for perfect health because without health there is nothing.
2. I wish for renewable energy, cleaning the earth, and overcoming the man-made global warming so we leave a habitable home for our children.
LOUIS ANTHONY DELISE: 1. My first wish is that everyone around the world—all people—would simply follow the Golden Rule—to
"do to others as you would have them do to you.”

2. My second wish is for everyone to adopt my first wish!
ADELE LECHIEN: We pray for all to find Joy in their lives; Appreciate each day given. We know the "rug can come out from under us" at any moment. Things can change in a moment. Hope for everyone to see the beauty and blessing of each day. May everyone find the kindness and love within.
VALERIE MILLER: That we will all see and appreciate the incredible beauty that surrounds us. That we will love and appreciate each other in spite of our differences.
PAUL ADAMS: 1. I would hope that we could actually integrate the season’s reminder of peace and goodwill
2. I would especially like us to look at ourselves, to have the courage to accept when we are wrong. Especially to see our current state in America and support truth, kindness, sobriety, self responsibility and honor.
BETH HILTON: This year, my two biggest wishes are for a renewal of our nation’s generous and hopeful spirit, and, for the power of healing music to become a common household remedy for stress.
DOUG HAMMER: 1. Kindness.
2. Kindness.
ROCKY FRETZ: This  year i wish for my wife Kimberly to get her hypnotherapy certification and for us to celebrate 35 years together by spending some quality time on the west coast  :)
LOUIS LANDON: 1. Peace on Earth!
2. Conscious Awakening for all humans so that we can survive as a species.
RALPH ZURMUHLE: My wish for this world would be more love and less hatred, more unity and less division, more compassion and less greed and last (but not least) more consciousness, humanness and depth in all our thoughts, words and actions and less ignorance and distracting addiction to technology that separates us not only from each other, but from any viable solutions to the huge problems we are facing on this planet, our Mother Earth, our home.
MICHAEL DEBBAGE: 1. After losing both my father and father in law this year to Alzheimer/Dementia I will forever continue to wish for if not a cure but at minimum an ability to stop its progressive motion in its tracks and minimize its regressive impact on the human body/mind.

2. Make contact with Thomas Bergersen and have the pleasure of reviewing and interviewing him.

3. I will see David Foster in concert this coming March and that will be one of two Foster related bucket list, the 2nd being to meet him in person and interview him for MainlyPiano.com (one can only dream).
JESSE BROWN: I wish that those in pain will find comfort, and I also wish that my dog would smell better.
GORDON MURRAY: I wish for every pianist in the world to be able to reach an octave (or at least a 5th).

I wish for every pianist in the world to team up with another pianist and play a piano duet.

I wish for every pianist in the world to be able to perform on a piano whose pedal works.

I wish my dog wouldn't howl every time I practice piano.
JOSEPH AKINS: I wish for happiness for everyone.
I wish for new creative ideas for everyone.
DARLA BOWER: My two biggest wishes this season - wish for health for family & friends and a cure for Alzheimer's disease. 
PAM ASBERRY: I wish a happy holiday season to everyone reading. May all your dreams come true in 2020!
KATHY PARSONS: Peace, empathy, compassion and a spirit of unity and respect for all living things. I also wish that all of the wishes above come true because the world would become a much kinder and more peaceful place.

As a postscript, I ran across Eric Scott’s 2017 wishes last night and thought I would run them again in his memory. The world will certainly miss his wisdom and sense of humor!
ERIK SCOTT: I think I'll go off the beaten path this year: #1 and #2...Given that stability, peace and understanding seem almost impossible to achieve on our own, with all the divisive prejudices we cling to because of all the different national, cultural and religious beliefs, I think maybe if Earth was visited demonstrably by benevolent Aliens, who would of necessity be far superior technologically if not intellectually and morally, we earth denizens would be forced to give up our divisive prejudices and face some facts. If we don't get our act together, it's not going to end nicely.

So that's my off-the-rails wish, that we get visited by citizens of another planet who teach us a few things. (benevolent visitors)

Aha, I hear all the accusations of insanity..certainly, but if you look at the current political leaders threatening nuclear war like it was going to bed without any dessert ...what is more insane?
STARR PARODI: 1) This may be a little shallow - but could there PLEASE be less traffic and congestion in Los Angeles so those of us who live here can get together more often, go out to hear more music and see more art and have less stress.

2) Wishes for less stress for us all and our dear planet…
ANN LICATER: Wishing peace and joy throughout the world through love and kindness and caring deeply for our beautiful planet.
FIONA JOY: I wish for RAIN. I want the bushfires to stop. My heart goes out to all who have suffered loss and to the Koala and wildlife population.
ROBERT THIES & DAMJAN KRAJACIC: We hope 2020 will be a year that the people of our planet will unite in our common cause to curtail climate change and preserve the extraordinary beauty and resources of this planet for all of its species to endure and thrive.

As we release our album Blue Landscapes III: Frontiers in a few weeks, we hope to inspire in others a year of beauty, inner reflection, mindfulness, and peace.
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