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2020 Holiday Wishes List
JEFF BJORCK: I wish for an end to the hateful and reactive suspicion and polarization of our country, so that we might actually join together and work for good.

I wish for a return to trust in trustworthy sources, including factual news, CDC medical guidelines for the pandemic, climate science, and science in general.
DAN KENNEDY: I wish that no one would go hungry this season.
I wish that the pandemic retreats from the land.
TIM NEUMARK: I wish people would stop using single-use plastic.
I wish manufacturers would stop creating single-use plastic.
ROBIN SPIELBERG: Well this year it is certainly easier to make a few wishes…..

First and foremost, I wish for an end to the global pandemic
I wish for people to practice some extra grace this year; everyone has been affected by these difficult times. A little “extra” kindness will surely go a long way:)
Happy new year to everyone!
DOUG HAMMER: We need these! I have the same wish:
1. Kindness. 2. Kindness.
PAUL ADAMS: 1. That Americans become more deeply educated about mental health issues
2. That we embrace wisdom and truth over spin and illusion
GREG MARONEY: 1.  I wish for the right mix of rain and sun to make my garden grow green and healthy.

2.  I wish that my bike will continue to take me to new and awesome roads so that I may enjoy the beauty of the earth and sky as I ride.
ROBIN MELOY GOLDSBY: 1.  Safety first. We’re not all as healthy as we think we are. Keep your masks on until we get to the other side of this mess. 

2. More financial support for performing artists and businesses that depend on them. 
CRAIG URQUHART: I wish good health, wise leadership and compassion among neighbors and a return to concerts and music making.
KATHY PARSONS: 1. A big worldwide hug once it is safe to do so 2. Kindness, compassion, empathy and a whole lotta love!
ANAYA MUSIC: I am very grateful to send my best wishes and inner peace to you.
  The world changed.  We raise the vibration to a universe full of love and awareness of the multi-dimensional Being that we are.  
I hope you have excellent parties, a Christmas and a New Year 2021 full of Peace.
MICHAEL DEBBAGE: The wish that our upcoming vaccines will be a complete success.

The wish that we never take for granted the touch, hug and the interactions of our dear family and friends.
DARLENE KOLDENHOVEN: My wish is for a more stable and loving world, filled with equality, good health and happiness for all. My second wish is for this pandemic to be over soon and for everyone together to cooperate and contribute to a healthier planet with an abundance of good food, housing, well balanced climate, and financial stability for all. My third wish is for more support of the arts and all the folks who work therein.
KRIS BAINES: 1. I pray that people would ground their lives upon truth, not lies or misinformation.

2. I pray that many would come to know the eternal hope found only in a relationship with Jesus Christ (God who came to earth as a baby) through repentance and faith.
PAM ASBERRY: This Christmas, I wish for all human beings to have the basic necessities of life as well as opportunities to grow and become the persons they were created to be. And I wish that the human race would make caring for this planet a priority so that it can be inhabited for generations to come.
JEFF LOVEJOY: 1. More compassion and empathy for everyone &
2. Playing from a deeper part of myself when performing and recording
BILL LESLIE: (1)  I wish that our country will heal from four years of chaos and division and that we will have a "delightfully predictable and refreshingly boring presidency," to borrow a phrase from columnist Dana Milbank.

(2)  I also wish for an outpouring of art and music that will help in the healing of our blessed land and people.
GERALD KRAMPL: 1. I wish the current pandemic situation will lead to a global rethinking and to the realization how it is high time to change course, so that we hopefully can leave our planet as a habitable place for our children.
2. I wish the concept of an unconditional basic income for everyone will soon become reality, which would give freedom to lead more self-determined and creative lives.
JOHN PARIS: I’m wishing for peace and stability, as much as there can be in this topsy turvy world we live in, mostly thanks to you know who.
MICHELE MCLAUGHLIN: I wish for people to be kind to one another again, for this massive divide to go away, and people to be more united, loving, accepting of each other's differences.  

I wish for this pandemic to end so that we can travel, see our loved ones, have human touch and connection, and not live in fear anymore.  So that we can enjoy the company of other people, and celebrate togetherness once again.
PETE CALANDRA: I have tried to write a few holiday wishes and to be honest the situation in our country and the world is so horrific and so many people are suffering, anything I say seems trite.
We all could use more love and less hate.
MICHAEL HOPPE: Like my choral album title states, Peace & Reconciliation are my two wishes.
RADA NEAL: That daily we can see or participate in RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS
That my fingers do their very best to avoid arthritis[ so good so far :)]
JESSE BROWN: 1. Time with family.

2. A legendary feast.
RICHARD CARR: 1)    It is my wish that 2021 will see a cleansing of the earth's energy to the extent that everyone will be able to breathe a deep sigh of relief from the stress the world currently feels during these difficult times.

2)  It is also my wish that our lives return to a more normal state of existence and that the artistic world will be able to freely perform their craft without any hindrances.
GORDON MURRAY: 1) Wishing for all arts and sports performers/entertainers -- and their audiences -- to be able to resume all normal concert / performance and game activities in 2021.

2) Wishing for all to be neither fearful nor hysterical, but to think critically and not engage in group-think.

3) Wishing for all to be able to congregate and worship freely
ED & CAROL NICODEMI: 1- I hope the covid vaccine proves safe and gives us all a chance to hug one another freely again, by some time in 2021...
2- I hope for peace and unity within our country and for that strength and compassion to further enhance my creativity. 
TOM NICHOLS: 1. A fast and effective Covid vaccine in 2021. 

2. Enough food for all families that need help. 
STEVE YIP: (1)  I wish for a people's struggle informed by the interests of humanity to begin to address the savage inequalities of this society, which were vividly exposed this past year via COVID-19 and the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.
(2)  I wish for a society in which the borders are open to those seeking sanctuary and children are not caged at the border, that the world's environment is not continually despoiled but restored, that aren't more imperial adventures which bring on greater suffering in the world, that women are treated as equal human beings, and that there will be an end to mass incarceration and concomitant violence executed by those empowered by the color of law. 
(3)  And finally, for 2020, I wish that we would be rid of this devastating pandemic and that we will achieve herd immunity.  But before we can achieve this, I wish to see that people all over will take "faith" in facts, evidence, and science, and practice the necessary preventive measures to ensure that we will see light at the end of this tunnel.
GARY CLARK: 1. I’m wishing for the new year to be filled with Good  Health . Music , Family, Friends and Love ! 2.  For Our Country to have A return to Normalcy! 
MICHAEL DULIN: That people will listen respectfully to each other, regardless of their position on social and political issues.

That a successful Covid-19 vaccine is available to everyone.
ANNE TRENNING: "Peace on earth with goodwill abounding and inclusion overriding hearsay for all…"
SPENCER BREWER: I wish that everyone, in the era of Covid, use this secluded time to reconnect with loved ones, finally take up or dive deeper into that passion or hobby that has lain dormant and of course nurture & explore new music. We have the gift of time currently, a most precious commodity!
I wish our country can move forward to a place of common interests, being kind to one another, holding one another as equals now that a dangerously evil Darth Vader is leaving Washington.
JENNIFER THOMAS: Wish #1 - For continued support and protection for the healthcare workers in the pandemic and for this awful Covid19 to soon be overwith. 

Wish #2 - That despite the worries and troubles of 2020, people of the world will find a silver lining and find ways to make the best of things, do nice things for others, find inner strength, and make the world around them a better place.
BERNWARD KOCH: 1. Health in every way.

2. Breaking down prejudices through differentiated views.
RON CLEARFIELD: For my first holiday wish I turn to Beethoven and repeat the message out of his 9th Symphony from the poem "Ode to Joy" which is sung throughout his last movement by the soloists and chorus with those inspired words written by poet, playwright, and historian Fredrick Schiller, “Alle Menschen werden Brüder” All Men (and Women) become Brothers (and Sisters.) That’s my first holiday wish, that all the people, at this time on Earth, can again become brothers and sisters in spite of all our differences and divisions and see one another each as that divine spark of God as Schiller wrote, “Freude, Freude, schöner Götterfunken” Oh Joy, Oh Joy, beautiful spark of God!!

My second holiday wish is that a piece I wrote for orchestra in 1988 and recorded on my album, "Dream Manifestation" "Listen….....the Earth is Weeping” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyxKdcKHPo8&list=PLBmng0qF0XVpqgsmWXiDxTgZUJKb4XtLO will be performed more and more with this message from our sentient planet, “Now is the time to change the course of destiny. Earth changes will become more and more violent and extreme. Humanity forgets that they are sitting on the same branch that they are presently sawing off. Take care of me. I am your home and greatest support system.”
JOSEPH AKINS: I wish good health for everyone!

I wish for 2021 to be more peaceful and happy for everyone.
SHIRLEY CASON: My 2 wishes are the Pandemic to be over and People in the USA unite as friends again.
GREGG KARUKAS: My biggest wish is to be able to have public performances again, safely.
My second wish is to have art and music become more respected and valued, with a fair way for creators to earn a living.
SUZANNE CIANI: I wish for a new vaccine for COVID.
I wish for the safety of my family as we head towards the final difficult challenges of this pandemic.
I wish for good internet connection so we can be with each other virtually.
STARR PARODI: That people will be able to gather together again soon and appreciate and & enjoy all the things we previously took for granted.

That Monarch butterfly groves would be everywhere!
ERIC CHAPELLE: I wish that all children in this world have a roof over their heads to sleep under and a warm meal for dinner.

I wish that we could have music in every home on earth!
LISA SWERDLOW: I wish for this holiday that we come together as a global community and find unity of purpose, truth, compassion and kindness.
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