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2021 Holiday Wishes List
TIJS VEN: 1: That everyone will find out what truly matters to them (find their passion)
2: That people will find out the truth about our modern day society
JEFF BJORCK: This year I wish for an end to the hateful, hurtful, and often illogical polarization in our country, and for Covid vaccinations distributed to the global poor.
JANINE DE LORENZO: 1. I wish for more Love, more Peace, and more Grace in the world.
2. And I wish to be reunited with my family and friends in Australia to catch up on all the missing hugs from the past 3 years.
TIM NEUMARK: A cure for cancer. More love.
GREG MARONEY: 1.  I hope that people wake up to the wonders of being alive.  What a profound and sacred honor it is to have a life to live.  Stop telling other people what to do and get on with your own life.
2.  I wish for continued success with my music as I branch out to different styles of composing.  Doing something different is always risky, but growth comes from stretching your wings.
IGOR LISUL: My two biggest holiday wishes are that my beloved Naomi in Japan is always safe and protected by Angel guardians.
My second wish is to buy a digital camera for this New year's holiday so I could record my music videos!
CRAIG URQUHART: I wish for people to come together and stop the hateful rhetoric.
I wish that mankind would stop the arms race and put our creative resources into saving the planet not killing it.
MICHAEL HOPPE: 1. I hope life will eventually become kind of normal after the life changing devastation of COVID 
2. We can all hug one another without a mask!
BERNWARD KOCH: 1. Recovery for humanity and the earth in every way.
2. Mutual understanding and harmony of people with each other.
DAN KENNEDY: I wish for a refreshing breeze of health to sweep across the nation and the world.
I wish for people to listen to one another's stories, with love and respect.
JAMES MICHAEL STEVENS: I wish and pray for my family’s happiness and peace in the world.
VALERIE MILLER: Global peace and an end to Covid.
JOSIE QUICK: An end to covid, and an end to all the political division and anger.
SUZANNE CIANI: I wish to have the grace to express my love and appreciation to those around me.
I wish for a Christmas like the one I had when I was six years old.
DOUG HAMMER: 1. Health.
2. Continued health.
1. The United States was more united, full of people who value education and facts, who can tell the difference between right and wrong, who question authority, who cherish democracy, who regularly vote, and who choose to see the goodness in their fellow Americans.

2. All humans will recognize the damage to our planet we have been doing through excessive emission of greenhouse gasses and the killing of trees, and that we will all passionately engage in individual and societal tasks to make our home, Planet Earth, a sustainable planet.
LOUIS ANTHONY DELISE : 1. I wish robocalls would robo themselves off the face of the Earth!
2. I wish that condiments once again came in recyclable glass containers instead of plastic.
JENSINE VICTORIA: To hear Kathy Parsons’ piano playing in person one day again and for my ankle that is sprained to finally heal!
ADELE LECHIEN : Wishing for all to have what they need, and to have another to share with.
CAROL & ED NICODEMI: Ed and I wish that everyone get their vaccinations so that we can finally put an end to this pandemic. 
Also...we wish for enough food to fill our bellies, and enough kindness to fill our hearts
FIONA JOY HAWKINS: I believe the emphasis this Christmas should be health and family.  They are both ingredients required for happiness are they right in front of us... no travel required !
RICHARD CARR: My wish for this year ... I wish for a return to a sense of normalcy and/or the ability for everyone to adjust to the rapidly changing world, including the music world, for everyone!
CHRIS HELD: Return to civility.
JOSEPH AKINS: I wish for everyone to have a good 2022 filled with joy and happiness.
RALPH ZURMUHLE: My wish is that there will be a return of statesmen/women who possess the maturity, wisdom, compassion, charisma and leadership skills that will restore balance to our world and in particular resolve the urgent problem of global warming.
SHIRLEY CASON: May this time of Season bring you & your loved ones Peace, Joy & Happiness!   
MICHAEL DULIN: 1. That people will listen much and speak little
2. That we will all have grateful hearts
LOUIS LANDON: 1. My first wish is for all humans on Earth to Awaken and understand that we are all connected.
2. My second wish is for a peaceful and loving world that will be the result of that realization.
TOM NICHOLS: That everyone who is suffering directly or indirectly from the effects of Covid to find comfort and support from friends and family.
KATHY PARSONS: My wish is that all of these wishes could come true. What a wonderful world it would be if that happened!
SCOTT COSSU: My 1st wish is:   the return of the “ Mainly Piano “ house concerts  ! It’s such a beautiful and artistic gathering !
My 2nd wish is : Elegant inspiration for continuing my compositional journey in 2022 !
STEVE YIP: Thanks to Kathy for the opportunity to revisit this again as we approach 2022.  I have to return to much of my wishes from last December:
(1)  I wish for a determined struggle waged and informed by the interests of humanity to begin to address the savage inequalities that spawn untold violence, misery, and degradation in all spheres of society.

(2)  I wish for a society in which the borders are open to those seeking sanctuary and children are not caged at the border, that the world's environment is not continually despoiled but restored, that aren't more imperial adventures that bring on greater suffering in the world, that women are treated as equal human beings, and that there will be an end to mass incarceration and concomitant violence executed by those empowered by the color of law. 

(3)  And finally, for 2022, I wish that we would be rid of this devastating pandemic.  But before we can achieve real herd immunity, I wish to see that people all over will take "faith" in facts, evidence, and science, and practice the necessary preventive measures to prevent further mutations of this virus and ensure that we will see light at the end of this tunnel.
PAM ASBERRY: I wish everyone a holiday season sparkling with moments of love, laughter, and goodwill and a year ahead filled with contentment and joy.
BEVERLY RITZ: To be able to continue to perform and record the music I love, creating peace and joy for my audiences.
To continue to find serenity with my dogs, cats & birds and so be able to help others find hope and purpose. 
MICHELE MCLAUGHLIN: I wish that this pandemic would go away so we can live normally again. I wish that we could all get together again because I miss my musical family and friends so much. I wish and hope for an abundant 2022 filled with health, happiness, contentment, peace and love for everyone.
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