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2022 Holiday Wishes List
Jeff Bjorck: I wish for a return to reasonable levels of sanity and civility regarding our nation's democratic process, particularly regarding elections and voting.

I wish for a world where every child, woman, and man have ready access to safe water, as well as sufficient sanitation and hygiene resources/practices. This would bring an end to the tragic fact that a child still dies every 60 seconds due to *totally preventable* waterborne disease.
Jeff Lovejoy: Cathy's complete recovery and a lessening of fear and anger in the world.
Tijs Ven: - That everyone may be and feel as blessed as I do right now.

- That people will face the truth and find the courage to step up for one another.
Craig Urquhart: That the violence in the Ukraine to end.

And continued health and inspiration.
Michael Gettel: An end to all gun violence globally.

Allowing ALL people who are currently in the United States to be allowed to pursue the American Dream….99% of us are descendants of immigrants or people brought here by force...
Tim Neumark: 1) More music.

2) That aliens come to visit us in 2023 to save us from ourselves.
Dan Kennedy: Good health and safety.
Igor Lisul: My two biggest wishes are my Naomi to be healthy and safe and the war in Ukraine to end as soon as possible!
Greg Maroney: I wish that people would look at the world and life as a miracle, and realize that we are a very small spec in a very large universe, and nothing is more important than living your life with wonder, respect, compassion and love.

I also wish that the world of music streaming would sort itself out in favor of artists for a change, and not just for the profit of a few.
Marcia Wells: 1. I wish our country would turn back to the biblical principles on which it was founded and end so much of the division and strife we see and hear of on a daily basis.

2. I wish for music to continue to bring peace, healing and happiness to all who listen.
Louis Landon: 1. World peace

2. Full Conscious Awareness for all humans on the planet.
Kathy Parsons: 1. A nice long chat with my brother.

2. That more people will focus on what we have in common rather than what can tear us apart.
Jonathan Sprout: I wish good health and contentment to all.
Steve Yip: (1) I repeat my wish for a determined struggle waged and informed with the interests of humanity and address the savage inequalities that spawn untold violence, misery, and degradation in all spheres of society. As we see unfortunate migrants sent into so-called blue states and cities, I wish for a society in which the borders are open to those seeking sanctuary and children are not caged at the border, that the world's environment is not continually despoiled but restored, that aren't more imperial adventures that bring on greater suffering in the world, that women are treated as equal human beings, and that there will be an end to mass incarceration and concomitant violence executed by those empowered by the color of law.

(2) I am hopeful for the brave Iranian people fighting against a hateful and vicious theocracy.
Mary Fineman: 1. That we have abundant capacity and tenacity to deal with all the challenges we face

2. And with those challenges, that we emphasize critical thinking as well as heart
Dianne Saito: My first wish is Peace throughout the world and an end to racial discrimination.
Beverly Ritz: 1. I wish that people always choose peace instead of anger, grudges, and conflict. "Walk away from the blues..Don't let them cloud the daylight of self-control. Walk away from the blues Walk and be proud. Let happiness win your soul."

2. That people everywhere practice kindness: greeting strangers, helping those in need, giving a stray cat or discarded dog a place to call home....
Ruth Hoglund: My only wish is that those who dream and believe will have resolutions to their concerns be they personal or worldly.
Louis Anthony deLise: I have a singular wish: that everyone might choose to have the Golden Rule undergird all their transactions. (Could you imagine what a difference that would make?)
Valerie Miller: First: I wish for global peace and good will.

Second: I wish for health, love and positivity.
Bernward Koch: 1. I hope that the war in Ukraine will stop very soon. The world has enough problems and this is absolutely not what the people need.

2. More good education in the world and more understanding and respect of people for each other and for our earth.
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