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Book: Ultimate Trivia, Volume 2
Donna Hoke
Cover image of the product Ultimate Trivia, Volume 2 by Donna Hoke
Ultimate Trivia, Volume 2
Donna Hoke
2019 / Rockridge Press
Paperback edition - 159 pages
Review by Kathy Parsons
I thoroughly enjoyed the first volume in this Ultimate Trivia series by Donna Hoke and anxiously awaited Volume 2. Like Volume 1, the first section of the book gives suggestions for how to use the book for trivia games with more than one person, but the book is also fun for self-quizzes and a review of various topics. On a personal basis, what I don’t like about Volume 2 is the four specific topics - Geography, Pop Culture, Science, and Sports - as they are topics I’m less interested in. However, there is a wide variety of topics covered under each topic, so most people will be able to answer at least some of the questions. I did much better with Volume 1, but I still found Volume 2 helpful and fun to read. It's a very well-done series of books, and I hope there will be future volumes as well.

I received a review copy of Ultimate Trivia, Volume 2 from the publisher.
January 1, 2020
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