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Album Review: Soar
Adam Andrews
Cover image of the album Soar by Adam Andrews
Adam Andrews
2018 / Adam Andrews
41 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Soar is the fourth solo piano album by Adam Andrews, and I think it’s his best work yet. Subtitled “Stories of faith, love, and compassion,” the twelve original pieces express a wide range of emotions with honesty, depth and beauty. Much of Andrews’ music is inspired by his family, and those pieces overflow with love and warmth. Others reflect on life experiences - good and bad - and the emotions expressed are always true and easy to identify with. Andrews’ previous album, Prayers in the Dark (2016), was awarded Album of the Year by Whisperings Solo Piano Radio, Christian Album of the Year by SoloPiano.com, and was on my Favorites list for the year; I fully expect Soar to receive similar recognition - it’s that good! Oh, and I recently proof-read the sheet music for all of the pieces on the album, so that should be available soon, too.

Soar begins with “Glow,” a loving piece about the “glow” Andrews’ wife and kids get when true joy lights their hearts - one of his favorite things to see. This isn’t the title track, but it beautifully expresses the feeling of spirits soaring. “No More Shame” reflects on self-acceptance and being okay with being different. Dedicated to one of his daughters, some of the passages are quiet and subtle while others are much bigger and more intense - a favorite! “While The World Passed Me By” looks back at how Andrews often felt while composing his previous album. Pensive and soul-searching, there is a poignant ache that runs through this piece. The title track is a melody that Andrews dreamed. It begins at the upper end of the piano - quiet and simple - and then builds energy and takes off, soaring to the heavens! I really like this one, too! “Forgotten Innocence” is pure sweetness and gentleness, expressed simply and from the heart. “Sweet Spirit” conveys a similar feeling, but is livelier and more carefree. “Deliverance” is about being thankful for second chances. I love the deep emotions expressed in this soul-stirring piece. The last two tracks on the album are my favorites. “Divergence” came into existence when Andrews was experiencing songwriter’s block and had reached the point of wanting to both laugh and cry. The piece beautifully expresses both emotions. Near the middle, he crosses hands and plays the melody in the bass of the piano - very effective! “Drifting Away” gets me every time. It begins slowly and a bit ominously at the low end of the piano and then becomes lively and intense. It’s about learning to live with true purpose and not allowing the world to dictate an identity. It’s an amazing piece and one of Adam Andrews’ very best so far.

Soar is excellent from start to finish and will likely be on my Favorites list for this year. It is available from www.AdamAndrewsMusic.com, Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby. Very highly recommended!
August 25, 2018