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Album Review: Piano In Motion
Adam Zampino
Cover image of the album Piano In Motion by Adam Zampino
Piano In Motion
Adam Zampino
2008 / Adam Zampino
72 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Piano In Motion combines two of pianist Adam Zampino’s previous releases, In Motion (2007) and Joy in Motion (2008) into a 73-minute showcase of music “composed as it was being performed.” The CD was recorded on a Kurzweil PC2x electronic piano, which lacks the expressive quality of a good acoustic piano. Several of the twenty-one tracks on this album are quite repetitive, and this can become “too much of a good thing.” Some judicious editing and an acoustic piano would make this a very strong offering. 

Piano In Motion begins with “In Her Eyes,” a soulful ballad that expresses longing and grace. “In Motion” is light and carefree, conveying real joy - one of the best tracks on the CD. “Distance Between” is darker, more emotional, and very effective. I also really like “Treading Freedom,” which expresses deep passion and energy. With a little work, “Taking It Slowly” would be an outstanding piece, but it repeats the main theme too many times. “Delicate Glow” is beautiful in its elegant simplicity and poignance. “Unfolding Blossom” gently opens and reveals itself with quiet grace. “Soothing Memories” is another beauty, painting a musical landscape of spring breezes and a meadow of wildflowers. As its title implies, “Sound of Musique” has a slightly French accent - melancholy and bittersweet. “Farewell My Friend” ends the CD. Subtitled “Someday We’ll Meet Again,” the strong melody seems to speak.

Piano In Motion shows a lot of promise, and with a little “less is more” attitude, that promise could be fully realized. It is available from www. zampiano.com, cdbaby.com, amazon.com, and iTunes.
February 10, 2009
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