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Album Review: Angelos
Agnus Dei
Cover image of the album Angelos by Agnus Dei
Agnus Dei
2003 / Sandrose Records
49 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
As with the previous two releases from Agnus Dei, Angelos is a package with a CD of music composed and performed by Austrian keyboardist/pianist Gerald Krampl and a booklet of poetry by Hilde Krampl, Gerald’s late wife. The poetry is not meant to be lyrics, but rather short poems to be read as you listen to the music. The ten “Angelprayers” accompany the ten compositions named for various angels. The closing track is simply titled “Grief (For Hilde).” Krampl’s classical roots are very evident, as are his many years as a “progressive rocker.” The music is full and expressive, and is not the light, airy music usually associated with music about angels - these are pieces you can sink your teeth into. Several of the tracks have an air of mystery about them, and are rather dark; others are more lighthearted and optimistic. “Michael” gives the CD an easy-going opening with piano, and bowed and plucked strings. “Uriel” is a bit more intense and dark, and is one of my favorites. I also like “Raphael” a lot (probably because the color associated with him is violet!); mostly piano and light percussion, the piece is introspective without being gloomy. “Metatron” is one of the upbeat pieces, carefree and sunny, this is my other favorite track. “Nathaniel” is also fascinating; a little dark, but with hope and optimism. Angelos tells a very interesting musical story, and the poems add insight to who the angels are. Angelos is available from www.amazon.com and [www.idigomusic.at].
December 16, 2003
Contributing artists:
Gerald Krampl
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