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Album Review: Merlyn
Agnus Dei
Cover image of the album Merlyn by Agnus Dei
Agnus Dei
2002 / Sandrose Records
52 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Merlyn is a very interesting concept album combining the music of Viennese keyboardist Gerald Krampl and his late wife, Hilde’s, poetry. The music is classically-influenced new age piano and keyboards, and follows the tale of Merlyn, the magician’s return. The combination of music and poetry makes a very nice package. The poems are written in German and English in the accompanying booklet. A lot of the music has a big symphonic sound, and is orchestrated with the use of keyboards. Other pieces are more intimate. Classically-trained as a child, Gerald Krampl founded two symphonic rock bands (Kyrie Eleison and Indigo) in the 70’s and 80’s , and parts of the album remind me a bit of some of the symphonic work done by The Moody Blues and Deep Purple in the early ‘70s. Most of the music is calming and melodic, although there are a couple of songs that are more rhythmic and upbeat. “Doubts Vanish In the Wind” hints strongly of Erik Satie in its minimalism and somber simplicity - a very nice piece. I also really like “Giza”, a bittersweet piece with electronic vocals and a haunting quality. My favorite track is “The Meeting of the Old Masters”, a rhythmic work driven by piano, bass, and synth strings. My other favorite is “Merlyn’s Awakening,” a joyous piece that really sparkles. I would love to hear this music with a good grand piano and real strings, as the electronic instruments are always less expressive than their acoustic counterparts, but that isn’t a major detraction on this CD. Merlyn is available from www.indigomusic.at and cdbaby.com.
January 1, 2002
Contributing artists:
Gerald Krampl
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