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Album Review: Topaz (single)
Al Jewer and Andy Mitran and Hans Christian
Cover image of the album Topaz (single) by Al Jewer and Andy Mitran and Hans Christian
Topaz (single)
Al Jewer and Andy Mitran and Hans Christian
2023 / Twotrees Innerworld
6 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
"Topaz" is the fourth single by Al Jewer and Andy Mitran that features cellist Hans Christian, and what an intriguing beauty it is! Andy created and performed the rhythmic bed and synth parts while Al and Hans conducted a dialog with wind synthesizer and cello. Topaz grows as a crystal mineral in various granite rocks as well as in lava flows around the world. In the US, it has been mined in Colorado, Texas, Utah and in Southern CA, so it seems very natural that the music would have a Southwestern flavor that evokes images of vast open spaces that can be rocky and even a bit desolate. "Topaz" is relaxed and slightly melancholy, but it definitely has a strong pulse that keeps it moving forward through a sweeping landscape in search of this precious mineral.

I really like this single a lot and give "Topaz" my highest recommendation! It is available to stream or download from Amazon and Apple Music/iTunes and from many streaming sites including Spotify. Don't miss it!
July 9, 2023
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