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Album Review: Close Your Eyes
Amy Lauren
Cover image of the album Close Your Eyes by Amy Lauren
Close Your Eyes
Amy Lauren
2003 / A. L. Productions
64 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
I would have to think that saying Amy Lauren’s Close Your Eyes is a bit of a snooze would be a positive review! The pieces were composed as solo piano lullabies and relaxation music, and they succeed well. Gentle and soothing with no harsh edges, the music becomes slower as the album progresses. With a few exceptions, I had a hard time staying too focused on the music when listening to it actively, but it makes a lovely backdrop for quiet activities or for letting go of the cares of the day (or night!). Many of the 20 tracks are made up of sequences of flowing notes, creating a similar experience to listening to water in a fountain or a stream - hypnotic. Despite the subtleness of the music, a few of the pieces really stand out to me. One is “Calm Is the Night,” which is a bit more melodic than some of the others, and a perhaps a touch bittersweet - a very lovely piece! I also especially like “Midnight Song,” which also has more of a melody and a feeling of peaceful introspection. “Begin to Dream,” reminds me of Wayne Gratz’s gentle touch. Actually, this CD is similar to Gratz’s “Sleepy Baby Suite” without the nature sounds. Close Your Eyes is a peaceful collection of lullabies for babies of all ages. Let the soothing sounds carry you off to Dreamland where everything is beautiful and unhurried. Close Your Eyes is available from www.amazon.com and is featured on Whisperings Solo Piano Radio.
October 25, 2004
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